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LOL. Those are surely women's no?
I never found Saint Laurent gear to be that well made even from the start, at least not mind-blowingly so. For most, I would assume buying into Hedi's Saint Laurent world is more about the fit, look, design, and energy than it is the craftsmanship. To assume the clothes are long-lasting in comparison to the price is a bit much and that's really in regards to most high fashion brands. One thing is for sure though, Hedi does an excellent job at creating his world and making...
Not exactly what you were asking but this has some good information; http://carolchristianpoell.mak.at//keyissuesI don't believe there are any books on Poell. The man is too elusive.
It's rather maddening isn't it. My latest one is people actually make offers (using the make an offer button), I accept and then no payment is made.
I always search Y! looking for those in my size and am always let down. Still to this day one of my favorite Carpe boots.
Officine Generale navy complete suit. Flannel jacquard jacket in Navy/White Twill Dots by Officine Generale. Tailored jacket features a notch lapel, one breast pocket, two front welt pockets, and two front button closure. - 100% cotton - 19.5" chest, 28" length, 25" sleeve Paul Pants in Navy/White Twill Dots by Officine Generale. Trousers feature a straight cut, two front pockets, two back button pockets, and zipper button fly closure. - 100% cotton - 16.25" waist, 9"...
The Dries setting was wonderful as were some of the clothes but I personally feel he went a little overboard. Too psychedelic hippie. Rick felt really bland. I kept thinking I was looking at the same outfit over and over. Still love him though. That NYTimes video just cements that sentiment even more. Ann was pretty. It reminded me of blanche and some of the older collections. Like the all black looks with the black/white floral (?) boots. Spot on with Balenciaga. It's...
My experience with rakuten is been exceptional. Never had any issues and everything I've received has been in excellent condition even if it states otherwise.
BBSLM- That sucks man, I hope Paypal can rectify the situation for you. I've had similar situations happen on grailed as well, especially with low ball offers. Not to say I don't get my fair share here or on ebay but it seems to be a tad worse there.
LOL. Just completely out of touch. Not to mention the whole U2 album being on everyone's iTunes. You know, cuz everyone likes U2.
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