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Visvim Virgil kngr dark brown boots. Bought brand new from this current season and these have pretty much sold out everywhere in this color and are nearly impossible to find. Selling for less than what I paid and these have only been worn 3 times and they come with everything like new! Do not sleep on these! Size is US 12. A hard one to find! Paypal only. Shipping in the US is 15. International shipping welcome just contact me for a price quote. I will only be shipping...
LA Guy- Yea the TPU stabilizer is a nice touch and it is most definitely decorative. It would definitely be hard to make that welt cleaner while still using leather. They could use a molded welt that is made to fit the exact specifications of the stabilizer and it's shape but that wouldn't look or perform nearly as well as leather. With that said, I am liking the boots he's putting out like the Brigadier which seem a bit more "classic" but with little Visvim quirks. I...
Finally got my Mies in khaki and I freakin' love this thing! So much so I am looking to add a navy one.It's funny you say that about Y! because lately I've been feeling the exact opposite. Like I've just been finding a ton on there. Just got one of the cardigans I've been looking for a while for (which weirdly, it seems as though 4 of them popped up all at once).
I would say true to size if you want to wear it like a shirt. I just wear a tee underneath and it fits great.
Carson Street has a 10 still.Union LA has a 9 in the dk brown and 9.5 in brown.Farfetch has a 10 as well.Otherwise maybe keep your eyes peeled on Japanese websites, resellers, or yahoo! auctions.
Visvim raw 03 cut denim. Size 32 X 30. In great condition with little signs of wear except for some slight creasing at backs of knees, crotch, and rear. Otherwise, they are damn close to new. 100% authentic. No bags or tags. Measurements; waist-16.5" inseam-31" hem-7.5" Paypal only. Shipping in the US is included. International shipping welcome just contact me for a shipping price quote.
Visvim L.C.C. (Little Cloud Coffee) shop coat. FIL shop exclusive and hard to find. Retail is around $550. In excellent condition with no marks or signs of wear. (no bag or tag) Color is a light beige. Has button front placket, button front pockets, and working button cuffs. Size 2. chest-20.5" shoulder-16.5" length-34" approx. Paypal only. Shipping in the US is included. International shipping welcome just contact me for a price quote.
I bought true to size in them as well. I am a 12 in Nike and my other Visvim boots and an 11 in Skags.
I'm gonna guess and say because they are different sizes. I have a size 12 and it has 5 regular eyelets.
I have a slightly different vibram sole on mine but it is entirely EVA and has held up quite nicely. The heel is worn down as are parts of the tread but that took years to do. Vibram's outsoles are made extremely well so I wouldn't fret.
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