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It is the 994. You can see, ever so slightly in the second picture the edge of the eye stay/side panel.
I've hand washed plenty of silk t-shirts (from other brands) and it's been fine. Screw paying for dry cleaning on a damn t-shirt.
I agree NN. That coat you posted is my favorite piece he's maybe every produced for men. Price is kind of crazy however. The fw14 collection is definitely my favorite. Great pieces, excellent fabrics, and it all feels modern without going over the top with the styling he's so known for. I even like the footwear he made and those socks are kind of awesome.
Can't tell if serious?Honestly, I don't think he's going to touch much of the menswear so I wouldn't worry too much about that. I just find it so against the whole ethos of MMM to hire someone like him. And not only the hiring but all the publicity surrounding his appointment is just not Margiela.
I don't have any photos of me wearing any, sorry. Honestly, I didn't like the 15cm fit to be honest. Was too slim and only worked with SLP boots (or something else with a slim shaft). I much prefer the 17-18cm fit for my build. Still slim but not insanely tight. Maybe give that fit a try and get them hemmed a little bit (they'll do it for free at any SLP store).
If you can't get the 32 on then how can you size down? Those look like they fit you fine, or at least as well as they're going to. Judging from the photos they just look very long on you and you have a more athletic build than what Hedi designs for. FYI, the faux leather jeans fit very big. At least last season's did. I wear a 32 in SLP jeans and I could easily fit a 30.
Thought I would throw in some more photos. Augusta for Women For the mens Layer-0 the mines of moria
lol. Yea I agree it's a bit scattered. It used to feel a bit more contemporary-fashion with bigger buys in Dries, MMM, acne, and apc but lately there's been a noticeable shift. More HBA, nike, adidas, been trill, off-white, etc. It's stretched across mutliple different looks and trends now.Tis fashion I guess..
I don't think the buy has been terrible but this year's has definitely been more heavy into the street-tech look, which I know is kind of their thing. I just wish they would go heavier into some of the mmm stuff or even start carrying some lanvin apparel and not just the sneakers. TBS and LNCC used to be some of the only places I would buy from online and that has kind of changed as of late. Still, if you're looking for those basic items like CP or gats TBS is the best...
Alex Mill NY navy/blue/white plaid flannel shirt done in a very nice textural cotton that has kind of slug to the fabric. This is nice and cozy and super soft, not scratchy at all like some other flannels. It's been worn maybe 3 times max and is still in like-new condition. Retail was around $200. Size is tagged Medium. chest-21" shoulder-18" Paypal only. Shipping within the US is included in the price. International shipping welcome at an extra fee, just contact me for...
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