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It's almost like they need to do the distressing to the upper and outsole separately and then put the boots together afterward so you don't run into that problem. That should help a little bit. Might make it so the distressing isn't as "natural" but if it means the boots last longer (except for maybe the uppers), it might be worth it. I always like how the ICT boots look though.
Thanks mate! That totally makes sense.
Odd question but does anyone know why Visvim ships from Hong Kong when you order through their web store?
There's a part of me that thinks this was the reasoning, that he always planned to leave the company or at least decided he would after a few years of being back at it.I just can't make any sense of them not wanting to keep him with business being as good as it is."Hedi Slimane has led the house to spectacular results. In the three years since he took the creative reins, the brand has more than doubled annual sales revenue to €707 million in 2014 (about $787 million), up...
Gjusta is their place over on Sunset, near Rose in Venice, not the take away counter on Abbot Kinney. On that note, I'll second Gjusta, it's awesome. Get any of the smoked fish (on bagel or sammy bread), it's great. The seating is not that great as mentioned, it's just a little courtyard in the back and some standing room at a bar inside.
Anyone familiar with this season's Wally shirt? I'm a 3 in the newest Black Elk shirts and wondering if I should go with that size for the Wally?
I've had this happen before and I just contacted Tres Bien and they granted the code. Should be no problem.
I agree about Visvim going well with EG. I feel like the boots all fit very nicely into the EG aesthetic and so do the skagways.
Those are awesome man! I love how they use all the different leathers and the shades are all just slightly off. Good find!
The amount of money made on a limited release collaboration is extremely small. Not just because the quantities are in the hundreds but the margins are being split between the two companies. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what they would make on their apparel. I believe EG does it partially because they don't have a footwear line of their own and because the classics fit within their overall brand aesthetic.
New Posts  All Forums: