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Saint Laurent AW14 black Wyatt studded leather boots. Classic wyatt boot in fantastic black leather that is very sturdy yet not rough on the feet. The strap over the top of the foot has antiqued metal studs (please note one small one is missing on the left boot, not really visible unless looking very hard), inside has a very nice metal zipper and snap buttons around the harness portion of the boot. Worn only a handful of times and still in amazing condition. No marks on...
Saint Laurent Paris black/red/white shirtsleeve pocket t-shirt from AW14. Fit is nice and slim and longer than most of the other SLP t-shirts. Small pocket on the left chest and signature back detail below the neckline. Worn only twice and still in excellent condition. Size is tagged Large. Fits slim. Paypal only Shipping within the US is included in the price. International shipping welcome at an extra fee.
Saint Laurent Paris black raw denim jacket. From the first collection so this one fits very small and quite cropped. The jacket is in superb condition with no real wear at all. Button front closure, two button front chest pockets, and cuffs. Size is Medium and fits very slim. Would fit a very slim Medium but would probably fit a small better. Retail was around $1,000. chest-19" shoulder-16.75" length-24" Paypal only. Shipping within the US is included in the...
Definitely has a very Dior feel to it. I'm in love with the psych rock collection and so this feels a bit too glam for my personal taste but I like some of it. I see some pieces in there that look quite nice but overall not thrilled with it on the runway. I am a bit disappointed with the boot range shown and the jeans as well, especially the way the jeans fit. The striped sweater in the first look looks cool as does the camel coat and I also like look 38, with the leather...
Acne black chet sweater in 100% wool. Only worn once and in fantastic condition. Fit is nice and slim, the weight is great for year round, and the knit is extremely nice. No holes, tears, or blemishes. Size is medium. Fits true to size. chest-21" shoulder-17.25" Paypal only Shipping within the US is included. International shipping welcome just contact me for a quote.
No worries man. If you like the look, you will not be disappointed. I'm just happy they keep reissuing them every season, albeit in different iterations, otherwise I would have to stock up on a pair or two. I'm loving this one;
I only dress casual so can't really say much on what occasion they will and will not work.Yea, they're comfortable and I can wear them all day with no problems. Probably my most comfortable boots.
If you're buying them strictly for quality, then I would say look elsewhere. This, in the end, is fashion, they are not work boots. With that said, I have two pairs, both have been holding up great. I admittedly don't walk a ton, living in LA so you just have to figure out what works for you and what you're looking for.
Yea, same here. This season has turned out to be one of my favorites. Something about the whole 70's, western flair that really resonates with me. Maybe it's listening to a lot of Hendricks growing up, I don't know. Went in a week or so ago to check out some pieces and place some pre-orders and really liked this leather jacket; Fit was great, suede was soft, and the little details are perfect. Also tried on a pair of the cropped Wyatt boot in a caramel-like leather....
And to bring this thread back....Saint Laurent look book 2 for the Psych Rock collection.
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