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No worries. Yea, the second is a poplin-like fabric, similar to what Lemaire has done with his tees in the past. But I believe the first one is just as boxy but in a heavier jersey fabric.
Try secondlayer.http://shop.secondlayer.us/collections/all/products/mock-neck-t-shirtor thishttp://shop.secondlayer.us/collections/all/products/structured-shirt-1
Anyone know if Humanbehavior in HK is reliable? Also, does the items on their site directly reflect stock? I've been looking at something that still reads as 'pre-order' from April and when trying to contact them via email, I didn't get much of a response.
Yea, probably referring to the Kofu down jackets. That one stayed on the website for a while (well, longer than I was expecting).
Just have the buyer send the additional $ in paypal after the fact. I've done this numerous times when international buyers have paid for something but have not actually paid for the international shipping fees (only domestic ones). What they need to implement is the ability to include a domestic and international shipping fee in the listing and it pops up the option for the buyer before they actually purchase. So there's no "forgetting" about it when purchasing.
Love both of these, especially the brown Sanjuro.My only thing is, is that I think they are way too expensive for being denim.Aren't they both sold out already as well?
Agreed. The funny thing is, is it seems to directly go against some of the ethos of the brand. Hiroki has always talked about making modern items that would one day become vintage so I also find it odd to make products knowing full well they won't last as long. There's definitely ways of doing similar distressing without comprising the integrity of the shoe itself. Just needs to be tested some. On another note, those Brigs from this season, were they just released in...
It's almost like they need to do the distressing to the upper and outsole separately and then put the boots together afterward so you don't run into that problem. That should help a little bit. Might make it so the distressing isn't as "natural" but if it means the boots last longer (except for maybe the uppers), it might be worth it. I always like how the ICT boots look though.
Thanks mate! That totally makes sense.
Odd question but does anyone know why Visvim ships from Hong Kong when you order through their web store?
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