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Thought I would throw in some more photos. Augusta for Women For the mens Layer-0 the mines of moria
lol. Yea I agree it's a bit scattered. It used to feel a bit more contemporary-fashion with bigger buys in Dries, MMM, acne, and apc but lately there's been a noticeable shift. More HBA, nike, adidas, been trill, off-white, etc. It's stretched across mutliple different looks and trends now.Tis fashion I guess..
I don't think the buy has been terrible but this year's has definitely been more heavy into the street-tech look, which I know is kind of their thing. I just wish they would go heavier into some of the mmm stuff or even start carrying some lanvin apparel and not just the sneakers. TBS and LNCC used to be some of the only places I would buy from online and that has kind of changed as of late. Still, if you're looking for those basic items like CP or gats TBS is the best...
Alex Mill NY navy/blue/white plaid flannel shirt done in a very nice textural cotton that has kind of slug to the fabric. This is nice and cozy and super soft, not scratchy at all like some other flannels. It's been worn maybe 3 times max and is still in like-new condition. Retail was around $200. Size is tagged Medium. chest-21" shoulder-18" Paypal only. Shipping within the US is included in the price. International shipping welcome at an extra fee, just contact me for...
APC white petit standard denim in size 32. These have been washed once and they are still in excellent condition with no real marks or discoloration. Still ultra white. The only thing I can see is the inside pocket bag has been slightly discolored from my phone case but you cannot tell when they are worn. Size is tagged 32. waist-16.5" inseam- unaltered at 34" hem-6.5 Paypal only Shipping within the US is included in the price. International shipping welcome just please...
Unis navy gio skinny trouser in 100% cotton, made in the USA. This pair has some wear on them with some slight discoloration on the front but still in good condition. No holes, rips, or tears. The inseam has been altered to be 30" and the hem has been altered to be a 7" opening. Size is tagged 32. waist-16.5" inseam-30" hem-7" Paypal only Shipping within the US is included in the price. International shipping welcome just contact me for a shipping quote.
My list would consist of, #1 an actual Fall season. Living in Socal I don't know if it'll ever come. stephan schneider navy sweater acne grey and black chet sweaters navy parka type coat maybe from acne thick charcoal grey cardigan side zip pair of black boots. preferably cdiem but that's a stretch barena black 3 button jacket ca4la hat would love to finally find an old Balenciaga black or green denim jacket
LOL. Those are surely women's no?
I never found Saint Laurent gear to be that well made even from the start, at least not mind-blowingly so. For most, I would assume buying into Hedi's Saint Laurent world is more about the fit, look, design, and energy than it is the craftsmanship. To assume the clothes are long-lasting in comparison to the price is a bit much and that's really in regards to most high fashion brands. One thing is for sure though, Hedi does an excellent job at creating his world and making...
Not exactly what you were asking but this has some good information; http://carolchristianpoell.mak.at//keyissuesI don't believe there are any books on Poell. The man is too elusive.
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