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Anyone get hit by customs by railso?
Ohyehhh- Wrong place to post that man.
If you think Hedi was ever coming up with pricing for the brand, I think you'd be mistaken. He has a lot more to worry about, so to think he is sitting there trying to make sure leather pants with zippers on them hit a certain price point is a bit much. The prices are going up because of a multitude of things; cost of materials, manufacturing, runway shows, new store constructions/renovations, other marketing initiatives, as well as demand.
smash- that's bitchin' man! One of the best recent purchases i've seen in a long while.
Are you comparing worn jeans from last season to brand new jeans? Just curious as I haven't experienced the new jeans being any different, esepcially enough to size down.
It's a cotton sweatshirt. Buy it if you like the design and fit. If you're expecting spectacular feeling cotton that is unlike anything else out there, well, you will be disappointed.
Would help if you stated what piece you're looking at.But I can tell you....it's cotton. It's good but nothing mind blowing. I have a few of the cotton button downs and tees and I like them.
I believe the ones on YSL are just like the standard 15cm in true jet black while the others from LVR are more of a worn in black.
They are unrelated. MrPorter is part of Net-A-Porter. Both websites shoot their product shots in the UK I believe and one of the models is the same across both sites. But there are a ton of online retailers that shoot their product shots in front of a white background.
Iro Paris light wash denim jean. From this current season, these jeans are sold out in most Iro stores in this size and were hard to come by. Has light fading in the front with holes/tears in the front of the jean (one on each side, see pics). The fit is very similar to that of the Saint Laurent jeans. Only tried on. Retails for $340. Size is 31. waist-16.5" inseam-34" hem-6.5" Paypal only. Shipping within the US is included in the price. International shipping welcome...
New Posts  All Forums: