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Balmain worn black 17cm jean. Worn a handful of times and never washed. Only sprayed with denim spray. These are a fantastic pair of jeans. Worn in black denim with fraying around the pockets and in certain other portions of the jean. 6 pocket design, selvedge (see pics), and an extremely good fit. I'm honestly not even sure why I'm selling! These are totally authentic but they do not have the inside tag on the inside as I cut it out as it was rubbing. Size is 31 and fits...
Balmain black chelsea boot with inside zip. Very substantial boot with stacked leather sole, nice black leather that has no blemishes or marks at all and is in great condition. Outside portion of the boot features elastic gore like a normal chelsea boot but the inside part of the boot has a zipper opening. These boots were done back when Christophe Decarnin was still designing for Balmain. 100% authentic. Size is 45. These do not come with box. Paypal only. Shipping within...
That's 13 inches not CM.
Sorry, I guess I should have been more specific.Their site says it's including all duties, taxes and shipping. So I concluded that despite them not deducting VAT, you also probably don't pay customs fees as it's part of the up front charge.
It's including tax. It seems as though they don't deduct VAT but I would assume you don't pay a fee when it's delivered. Or I would hope not.
Just depends on the shop that is using rakuten. I just bought a few things, 2 with credit card and 1 with paypal. So it's possible, just not all the time.
I would be wary of this seller as well. He tried to sell me Saint Laurent boots that were listed on ebay, using the ebay sellers photo and when I questioned him if he was selling them on ebay he stated he was not. Then after saying that the photo was lifted from an ebay listing, he completely stopped messaging me.
This thread is something else. It's a suede jacket. It's thousands of dollars. Is it made well, yes. Are you prepared to drop thousands of dollars to wear that jacket? If the answer is yes, then get it. If the answer is no, then go with something else.
I believe I have read the same thing about every designer. It has become more a matter of opinion. For example, some would say the boots this season are lacking in quality because of the added seams (on the Wyatt harness), I personally don't see it as a quality thing as much as a construction decision. Everything I have handled this season seems up to par with previous seasons. Suede seems the same, leather seems the same quality, the soles are the same, insoles are the...
Acne max cash. Size 32 X 32. Only worn a few times, never washed. In great condition with no blemishes, holes, tears, or rips. They are still very much true, dark black. Fit is impeccable, nice and slim with a very nice taper toward the bottom hem. Size is 32. waist:16.5" inseam: 32" hem: 7" Paypal only. Shipping within the US is included in the price. International shipping welcome just contact me for a shipping quote.
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