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I believe I have read the same thing about every designer. It has become more a matter of opinion. For example, some would say the boots this season are lacking in quality because of the added seams (on the Wyatt harness), I personally don't see it as a quality thing as much as a construction decision. Everything I have handled this season seems up to par with previous seasons. Suede seems the same, leather seems the same quality, the soles are the same, insoles are the...
Acne max cash. Size 32 X 32. Only worn a few times, never washed. In great condition with no blemishes, holes, tears, or rips. They are still very much true, dark black. Fit is impeccable, nice and slim with a very nice taper toward the bottom hem. Size is 32. waist:16.5" inseam: 32" hem: 7" Paypal only. Shipping within the US is included in the price. International shipping welcome just contact me for a shipping quote.
True to size.It's been talked about a ton in this thread. SLP shoes and boots run true to size. I know there's talk about the sneakers running a bit big but I think most people just like their sneakers to fit tighter than other shoes/boots.All SLP boots I have and have ever tried on are the same size. All fit.
Yea, I believe this season's suede was a bit darker.
This. 100%.I can't even count how many times this has happened to me. I also get a lot of people committing to buy something and then I never hear from them again. There's a lot of window shopping that goes on, that's for sure.
I thought most of them do get a few things to start? But I agree though, they should get an outfit for every season.
Saint Laurent still aint cheap, even at 50% off. I don't blame them. I can't imagine all of them are ballin.
Defintely wish most of the staff who went to the new Women's store in LA stayed at the Men's store. Kind of bummed it's all new people. I went in the other week and I did experience pretty good customer service, not exceptional, but pretty good. They really need to work out their stock issue though, I still can't believe they need to run down the street to get things that are technically "in stock" but not on the premises. OC SLP still has the best customer service.
ummmm... SLP (women's) for anyone who wanted to know. SLP MMM Balmain Yikes Valentino
Saint Laurent Paris black biker boots. Only worn once, still in fantastic condition and like new. Great black full grain leather upper with belted strap across the mid foot and one on the side of the collar that is also adjustable. The inside of the boot has a full diagonal zipper that is nice and chunky. The opening of the boot is slimmer than most biker boots and is about 5" in width and fits perfectly under 16-18cm pant hems. Size is 45. Fits true to size. Paypal...
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