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Anyone familiar with this season's Wally shirt? I'm a 3 in the newest Black Elk shirts and wondering if I should go with that size for the Wally?
I've had this happen before and I just contacted Tres Bien and they granted the code. Should be no problem.
I agree about Visvim going well with EG. I feel like the boots all fit very nicely into the EG aesthetic and so do the skagways.
Those are awesome man! I love how they use all the different leathers and the shades are all just slightly off. Good find!
The amount of money made on a limited release collaboration is extremely small. Not just because the quantities are in the hundreds but the margins are being split between the two companies. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what they would make on their apparel. I believe EG does it partially because they don't have a footwear line of their own and because the classics fit within their overall brand aesthetic.
I'm an 11.5 Converse chucks. 12 Nike. 12 Visvim (except Skagways which is 11). 11.5 Vans. Red Wing 11.5. Don't own any Vibergs or Quoddy so no experience with those.But I am pretty much a perfect 12 on a Brannock and wear 11.5 in Vans across the board.
All Vans in my opinion run big. I always go half size down on every style and that seems to be perfect but I can get into a full size down in the slip ons simply because the last shape is wide and the opening is rather forgiving. But the EG Vans use the exact same everything (last, construction, etc.) that it shouldn't be any different than say, the classics.
They fit the same to me. I mean, I don't know why they would fit any different seeing as they're the same exact shoe (minus materials).
Also looking to find these bad boys!
Thanks Fycus for the rec on revive. I was trying to pay that good Japanese retail but c'est la vie. I agree on the black elks too. I have a few from older seasons in size 2 that fit spot on but then the newer seasons seem to fit a bit smaller in comparison. I like the wally plaid shirt this season too, at least the colors were quite good. But this Fall will have a ton of great plaids (at a premium!).
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