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Haven't seen much of anything this season that has sparked any kind of interest except for maybe Gosha and Visvim. But more so than the clothes, the energy of them showing at Pitti (and Visvim showing a runway show for the first time) is what was really interesting. There was something really nostalgic for me about the Gosha show as well. Reminded me of the 90's with all that Fila swag.
For reference on the shorts as well. I just received the Cambridge shorts and those definitely fit true to size. I ordered the 32 and they're spot on in the waist. Unfortunately for me, my legs are a bit too big for how tapered they are in the thigh and need to go back. Bummer too because I loved that blue kind of tribal-esque print.
I'd say this is pretty accurate (speaking on the Design side of things). I know quite a few people in the design field who make more at the high level (from Senior Design on up) especially when you factor in bonuses and such. I'll agree with what a lot are saying here is that the work can be rather soulless. It really depends on the company but I've worked for a large range from small to big to really big and each one has it's draw backs that's for sure. I've worked at...
Yea, totally agree with you, I should have contacted them first. But it's all good, it's not really anyone's fault, just part of the online shopping game I guess. I just wish EG didn't make it so hard. The funny thing is that it looks like each version of the fatigue shorts fit differently depending on the fabric. I guess I'll see when my chambray ones come in.On the other hand, I ordered the loiter, bedford, and a few shirts all in Medium and they all fit pretty much spot...
Damn, I'm bummed. Just got a pair of the fatigue shorts in khaki cord which I've been looking all over for and the medium is insanely big! I shouldn't have slept on the size small when they were around and I now have a second pair coming in a diff fabric in the same size Medium (doh!). Buying EG online is a crap shoot sometimes and the measurements online are all over the place. Here's to hoping the fatigue pants don't fit the same and are smaller.
I don't think that's really the point. The point is that the sale literally just started today and you were already inquiring about the next round of discounts. Really, what's the point? It is inevitable, like you said but if you can't afford said item (or don't want to pay the current asking price) then what does knowing the next round of discounts do for you? Does it somehow change the fact you aren't willing to buy said item at the current asking price?All it does is...
No worries. Yea, the second is a poplin-like fabric, similar to what Lemaire has done with his tees in the past. But I believe the first one is just as boxy but in a heavier jersey fabric.
Try secondlayer.http://shop.secondlayer.us/collections/all/products/mock-neck-t-shirtor thishttp://shop.secondlayer.us/collections/all/products/structured-shirt-1
Anyone know if Humanbehavior in HK is reliable? Also, does the items on their site directly reflect stock? I've been looking at something that still reads as 'pre-order' from April and when trying to contact them via email, I didn't get much of a response.
Yea, probably referring to the Kofu down jackets. That one stayed on the website for a while (well, longer than I was expecting).
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