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Quick question but does RRL ship from a warehouse or do they pull inventory from some of their stores to fulfill online orders? I made an order the other day and for some reason one item shipped but the other has not even though online shows that specific item still in stock.
I wonder what happened with that actually? I went to the store at the Grove quite a few times and really liked the store and the service there. However, it always seemed way over stocked and the location didn't seem like the best. A location in Venice or even Silverlake could have been a good fit.
Looking to off load some EG items. Pm me for pictures and prices. SS16 Loiter jacket in navy cotton poplin sz M SS16 Bedford jacket in lt gry homespun fabric sz M SS16 Bomber jacket in navy cotton poplin sz M SS16 Fatigue jacket in olive cotton sz M BNWT SS16 Balloon pants in navy poplin sz M BNWT SS16 work shirt in blue plaid sz M SS16 ghurka shorts in olive twill sz M SS16 fatigue shorts in blue chambray sz M SS16 land & water shorts collaboration with Pilgrim Surf...
oops. mustve quoted on accident. my bad
Letting go of the following; ss16 camp shirt in multi color stripe sz Medium ss16 chambray fatigue shorts sz Medium ss16 blue/orange plaid popover shirt sz Medium also may be letting go of a loiter jacket in navy w/ white polka dot from ss16 as well. Size medium.
Thanks so much, really appreciate the help! That size is going to be perfect.
Anyone familiar with the type 6 denim sizing? I keep seeing various sizing from a 32 measuring exactly 16" flat across to them measuring around 16.5" I"m normally a 32 or M and figuring these will probably stretch a bit.
I think it looks good man.
That is so rad! I love it! Fits you spot on too.
How do you really, truly expect this work? You're just one example. Think about the guy who has a 38" inseam or the other guy who has a 26" inseam or maybe even the guy who has a 32" inseam but likes his pants to have a 28" inseam? The combinations are crazy to think about and for any designer to put out something for everyone, it's just insane. You would never sell that many and the production costs would be nuts, not to mention the space you would need in a stock room...
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