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I'd also be down for an all black side zip boot. Black leather with black leather sole (or dainite would be cool too).
Nice! Zip boot and I would be in.
I agree.Find it kind of odd it only lasted this long. I mean, they knew what they were getting when they hired him and he was very specific about what he wanted to change there if hired (everything). But who knows, maybe he left on his own accord. Probably not, but maybe.
Isn't transparency in advertising what the below is for?https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/ftcs-endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking
But aren't those people making money as well? Influencers (bloggers, Instagram celebrities, you tube stars, etc) typically work out some kind of deal in advertising based upon the number of hits. So while every #influencer may not get paid or even get that much free swag, it's generally linked to the amount of #influencer power they have.Also, in technology today, there's direct ways of linking what an influencer is capable of doing for a brand. Be it re-directs to a...
Anyone know when these babies are going to be coming out? I've been waiting for a good side zip boot and this one seems almost perfect.
I completely agree with this. I honestly don't get what this is about except for the "you styled with my clothes for free then designed pants that look kind of similar." But like everyone already said, this technique and look as been around for ages and RW definitely wasn't the first. If Jcrew went to a retailer and bought an RW piece and then came out with a patchwork-whatever would this be a non issue?
Yea, I don't understand why they would change it to have less information. And now, it reads as everything being smaller than the old measurements actually said. Like a S/48 shirting had somewhere around a 42" chest measurement but now it just says 38".
As far as I know, the last for the Women's CP's is not the same as the mens. I remember reading an article when they first launched the Women's collection and they mentioned how they went and developed all different lasts to fit a woman's foot. With that said, they don't appear to be extremely different or anything, I think the men's is just slightly wider and less almond shaped in the toe area.
Yea, I am around a 38-39" chest, 6'3" and pretty slim at 170-175 and most of the other brands I have or have bought in the past are around 20-21" chest measurement for a Medium. This seems to be the case for RRL, Levis, Gitman, etc.
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