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Damn, I have the same pants on the way in a 32 as well. I'll let you know if they end up being just as small.
That first top is nice! Nice fit and color. Damn, you guys weren't kidding about the last of the Bowery boot being big. Just got a pair with the dianite sole and these things feel huge in my true size. Beautiful boot however. I just need to see if an insole would help.
Yea, I agree with that completely. Also because of the knit upper it will most likely give and stretch in no time.
It's so interesting everyone's saying they run a bit small. I just received mine today and bought my true size and the fit is damn near perfect.
Thanks mate! I appreciate the help and info. I'm surprised at the cut of the jacket to be honest. But my wife says she likes the thing, so, who knows. lol. How would you say the fit of the Mendoza is compared to the Morrow? Seems like the sleeves are a bit longer but the body looks somehow even shorter?
Welcome JP! So I just received the Morrow leather jacket from Fall in the mail and man, either this thing is cut funky or I got a dud! The sleeve length is 23 inches from the shoulder down and the chest seems extra boxy while the shoulder actually hangs off the top of my shoulder. It's like it's too big while being too small at the same time and I just keep trying to convince myself that "it fits like a vintage jacket" so I'll keep it. But then my gut keeps interfering...
Anyone familiar with the Roper boots and how they fit? I saw somewhere to size up as they fit on the small side but is that still accurate?
Thanks for posting that link to those camp mocs! Picked up a pair in my normal size so we'll see how it works out. They look nice.
I compared it to other kerchief's being sold and noticed in the photo (above) they don't list the proper materials. It should show the filling materials on the tag. (see below)Also, the washing icons are different and there should be no text below.
Looking at purchasing one of the kerchief down jackets used but with fakes out there, I'm a little apprehensive. Does anyone know what to look out for? It seems it's hard to judge based on the body of the garment since they're all so different. But for instance, does this tag look legit? edit: I think I was able to answer my own question by comparing other jacket labels to this one below. So, fake. Thanks!
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