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Good thing I didn't place an order last year. I feel bad for you guys.
Common projects.
the shah's pictures - I need to stop buying things
Payment sent!
got this UC backpack in today
sold to me thanks
Thanks chimpskibot Honestly everyone has different feet, but its safe to say if you have narrow feet size down .5 wider feet go TTS
This is how i lace mine. If it works when you lace them tight then I suggest you do that from now on There's no right or wrong way to lace them tbh. Clay Bison
RO Geo fw08? So sick.
- U.S only - No Refunds - Paypal only IC: Black High Neck Minimalist Washed Calf 52; pm me if your interested. Condition: Worn 5 times ZB Reversible Faulted Shoulder Top Size 54 Grey/Black Fits like a true XL - nice piece by Zam this season unfortunately its a bit big on me. p2p: 23" s2s: 20.5" "An absolutely gorgeous piece that is made from a fabric that is 100% Wool jersey in grey on one side and black on the other. The garment is sewn throughout with French seams...
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