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it's actually the p10a-s.
Cooler weather came through, finally. [[SPOILER]] Number (N)ineOur LegacyAcronymVisvim
- U.S ONLY - NO TRADES - NO REFUNDS - PAYPAL only, will only SHIP to VERIFIED accounts. The SOLOIST × Engineered Garments Mix Tweed Jacket Size XS If you're familiar with the soloist, you know that this jacket hardly ever pops up for sale. This is a limited edition run with Engineered Garments made with three different types of tweed fabric. Condition: Like new, please judge by the pictures. Can fit a small or slim medium. Measurements in inches. p2p; 20" s2s:...
^ It's still better than U.S prices
I was thinking about getting the white ones as well, but somehow ended up with 2 pairs of blk. Thanks for the compliment btw.I have another pair if you change your mind @VitaTimH
^ I do, but got bored of them since nearly 99% of tech fits has someone wearing qasas.To be honest, I thought they were ugly at first. Then I quickly realized how dope they were once I tried them on.
Just when you thought it would cool down it gets hot as fuck again. Took this while it was raining. wtaps acronym (neckwarmer no vis) cavempt acronym acronymxnike
Turning into a ninja
welcome to the internet.
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