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^ Agreed, I'm about to get them. Their footwear are getting better and better each season.
How is everyone? I haven't been on here in a min
that llama blouson
That's what I thought initially, I can fit a pair of boots and light jacket with room to spare. The inner webbing is pretty neat too, surprisingly everything fits comfortably without straining your back (thanks to the mesh pads)it feels like nothing is in there with all that stuff which is a plus.I passed on it when it first released due to the absurd price point, in time it went on sale for a great price so I instacopped!
Not today, from when it was cooler out. the soloist y-3 sport vest/backpack SISP y-3 qasa
@VitaTimH yeah the striped one, forgot it was only made with 10% silk since i sold mine still need to find one in a M or L though. I miss the smooth texture of the striped one, the polka dot is scratchy like you said due to the metallic embroidered threads used for the dots. Its definitely a lot thicker than my other shirts, probably the reason why it fits a tad slimmer than my other mediums. Awesome I was looking for black, will let you know if I ever see a brown one in L!
^ Damn talk about excellent timing, how do you like the polka dot cowboy shirt compared to the silk one? Wish a L in that vest would appear already, I can foresee a bidding war going on if that ever happens
@VitaTimH was that vest a size M or L? Glad to see you were able to pick up the polka shirt
UC Diaplex SISP Convert Pants Y-3 Qasa
Had to use my phone (didn't get an error page while checking out) to cop from mr porter; oddly enough it was loading faster then my computer Edit: Whoever got the black sacai x hender scheme boots in size 42 let me know if it doesn't work out!
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