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UC Diaplex SISP Convert Pants Y-3 Qasa
Had to use my phone (didn't get an error page while checking out) to cop from mr porter; oddly enough it was loading faster then my computer Edit: Whoever got the black sacai x hender scheme boots in size 42 let me know if it doesn't work out!
^ Saw that the other day, seriously someone buy it before I do.
Why yes it is, surprised myself when it dropped that low.It's a size 52 maybe thats why no one picked it up, if it were a smaller size than it would've been gone a lot sooner.
Thanks, I recently conditioned it the night before. Its in excellent condition for its age, now I know why people lust after OG 5 zips it blows everything out of its category.
Thanks for the clarification @Ragechester & @baltimoron I thought that was the case because the circled number 10 denotes the collection for men, equivalent of women’s Line 1 [Est. Oct 1998 for SS 1999]. Never knew the last 3 digit indicates the year and season as well, hope this info will help others in the future! Thats very kind of you balti but isn't necessary since I've been comparing with pics I found online. The MRS zips from 01 seem to be chunkier and wider than...
Thick & juicy calf 5 zip from 99S/S
Bought this recently and initially thought it was the OG zip from 2001, however, I noticed the zips (MRS as well) on mine were differently shaped when comparing to the original. I might be overthinking it Can anyone tell me the year on this? Its made of a thick and juicy calf and has air vents on the pits. Any help would be appreciated!EDIT: OG 5 ZIP FROM 99SS [[SPOILER]]
New jawnz
Of course! Now we just need @Parker to join
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