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I hear ya Zam makes great quality stuff for the price, but his lack of communication with customers really hurts his business.
^ posted!
- U.S only - No Refunds - Paypal only IC: Black High Neck Minimalist Washed Calf 52 - Selling this amazing jacket by Zam quality is great and the texture of the calf leather is very nice. - Worn about 7 times total. - medium weight washed calf - riri zippers - 2 inner pocket & side pockets - silk lining (mix between soft/rough like texture) Price: $750 shipped in the U.S will entertain trades; looking for mmm 5 zip in size 54 (dark colors only) p2p: 20.75" s2s:...
- U.S only - No Refunds - Paypal only Visvim Giza 101 Jacket Size 2 Made in Japan - Got this earlier this week and it's a size too small for me. The picture is from the seller, message me if you want me to snap some pictures of it. I've only tried it on; light creases on the sleeves from it being too tight. Price: SOLD Material: 100% Giza Cotton - Riri side zips, snake skin patch. Condition: 8.5/10 Measurements p2p - 20" s2s - 17.25" front length - 21" back length - 25"
Relax, I missed the post no need to be a douche about it.
Jacket looks good. When can we place an order?
Good thing I didn't place an order last year. I feel bad for you guys.
Common projects.
the shah's pictures - I need to stop buying things
Payment sent!
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