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One of these things is not like the others... Oh wait, it's the Rick. Not horrible but I'm not a fan
More than enough to accompany chinos.
Negative, not redundant to have both. The 744s are much less of a "work" boot. And where did you get them
I expected most of the replies to be SF bullshit, so no surprise there.
Been gone for a while. I seem to remember last time I checked orders were on hold. Is there a new official unofficial website, or is it all Facebook these days or what?
Yep, I use a "balanced" knot on almost everything these days and it does work damn well, with the single exception (out of about 6-8 pairs I wear regularly) of those Florsheims.
And the award for shittiest laces goes to.... Florsheim! For their imperial laces that require re-tying every 17 steps
Not so much
Nice. On a sizing note, I'm a 38 on the tape, but I'm hesitant to go with their medium. I know the heritage is supposed to be slim, but they have the mediums listed as 38-40. Anyone have any experience with the heritage fits?
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