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I used to be a medium in the BD fit but I'm wondering if the sizing has crept up because they seem larger now. I was considering a 38 for the blazer but if it fits you and you wear a small it makes me wonder. Also makes me wonder if you are sure on the fit on account of not knowing that a seam ripper will open up the pockets
What's up with the "sign up for pricing"? I have to buy before I know how much I'm spending?
Will there be a chino restock any time soon?
Also just noticed that the medium chore coat has a smaller chest than a medium shirt....?
On the shirt sizing topic, how does the Gusting medium compare to the Epaulet or WvG medium? The chest seems a little roomy in the Gustin. Everything else looks great
Seems like average guy Saturday night club wear, or something the menswear posters would consider SW&D. Bottom ones are washed out. I hate scarves with tee shirts.
Color looks like Midas touch but different shape
Sonofabish I missed it
All good man, I just had to rant for a sec.
I don't know your friends, but just because they're girls doesn't mean they have a clue what they're talking about. If you're just using clothes as bait to get laid (not judging) then their opinion might be useful. Otherwise, you should probably ignore it and do what the fuck you want. There are plenty of places to find inspiration, but it'll take time to find your sweet spot.
New Posts  All Forums: