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Love this thread ...
Felicidades amigo!
PM sent
According with the "El Pais" the store name is TROIS POMMES
It is possible to have the free shipping to Mexico, as you offer in your web site"]free shipping in all orders"
This is made in Mexico in a little town called Chiconcouac, normally from wool or a mix of acrilic and wool, made for tourists mainly
Pujol is actually awarded as one of the 50 best restaurants of the world as well as BIKO (also in Mazaryk area). No idea of the cost of a MTM/Bespoke with Adrian, there is another taylor near the American Embassy, called Casa Cuesta (Rio Sena almost corner with Paseo de la Reforma) is not expensive, but check first if you like the construction of the suit specially the padded of the shoulder, the inners and the canvassed.
New Posts  All Forums: