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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday The open door is the best part, lending an exciting air of danger to the proceedings. It harks back to that old debate.
Quote: Originally Posted by banis It is a little bit different in the original interpretation, but this is also nice. Could you write it down in Russian for me, please? Спасибо.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye People are misunderstanding checkered dude's intention. He isn't trying to harmonize anything really, he wants visual tension. He does an excellent job of creating tension without pushing all the way into eyesore. Graphic design people try these same kinds of tricks all the time. Tension needs to have some resolution to be effective. This dude is like a John Cage sonata. And not in a good way.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Where did I miss this sale?!? Further deets? ...and four fucking thousand nine hundred and eighty EUROS for shoes? Thats just insane. $15,000 US for a LOAFER?! There's a joke about this. Russian oligarch says to another Russian oligarch: "Where did you get that tie? I have the same one." The other boasts: "Paris. I paid 900 Euros for it." The first oligarch smirks and replies: "I paid 3000 and didn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by bjornb17 BOOM HEADSHOT
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Do you really think I give a c... about the Royals sartorial preferences? Do you button your lower suit button? I rest my case.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith
What causes the horizontal bunching at the chest just beyond the armpits, as seen in the shirt below? Also, it seems like the sleeves are rolling forward, causing the vertical folds just below the shoulder area. Many of my shirts have this problem. Would wider sleeves solve this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven this is a 100% cotton shirt? Poplin. Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven the reason the shirt blouses at the waist is because it is too tight at the hip. darts will deal with the fullness in the back. the sleeves are too short. if your sleeves are too narrow, you will bust through the elbow. Thank you for the advice. The hip, I think, is quite generous, which gives it a...
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