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What causes the horizontal bunching at the chest just beyond the armpits, as seen in the shirt below? Also, it seems like the sleeves are rolling forward, causing the vertical folds just below the shoulder area. Many of my shirts have this problem. Would wider sleeves solve this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven this is a 100% cotton shirt? Poplin. Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven the reason the shirt blouses at the waist is because it is too tight at the hip. darts will deal with the fullness in the back. the sleeves are too short. if your sleeves are too narrow, you will bust through the elbow. Thank you for the advice. The hip, I think, is quite generous, which gives it a...
Agreed. I'll have them narrow the next shirt at the hips and lengthen it slightly. What would one do about the bunching around the chest area and at the upper sleeves? Should the sleeves be made less narrow?
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin Slimmer waist? It's pulling like crazy around your waist already. I think you need to add an inch to the body as well if you plan on tucking I have about two inches of room around the waist. It billows out slightly at the front when tucked, and even more at the back. This is why I am considering back darts for my next order. I'll try posting a better photo when I get it back from the cleaners.
I agree with the above comments and we seem to be having similar fit issues (i.e. short sleeves, and slightly generous waist). Here's my fit - what do you think? The sleeve wrinkling at the top is no fault of the shirt. I'm thinking slimmer waist, slightly wider shoulders, longer sleeves, softer collar interlining, spread collar, and perhaps back darts for my next attempt.
Here's a photo from my CW experiment. Post-wash. Will go for slightly longer sleeves and wider shoulders on the next one.
Having owned a large number of both for quite a number of years, I can say that there really isn't much of a difference in quality. Someone mentioned that the PRL polo shirts fade and lose shape. With regards to the fading - it's part of their charm, they fade, and the fabric becomes much softer; it has that preppy appeal that an oxford shirt washed 1000 times would have, or a pair of Nantucket reds bathed in sea-water and sun-faded after hours on a yacht. As to the...
I'm not far from London, so I may be able to attend. This is conditional on the meeting date and level of presently-unforeseen work that I'll have to deal with.
Gentlemen, Just out of curiosity: I am completely new to E-Bay, I came upon this interesting pair of shoes, and it appears that it is an entire shop selling what are allegedly handmade shoes. They look decent on the photos, but could they realistically be of any quality, considering the price? P.
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