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Old England did some nice MTM items, but this was a while back and I'm afraid I don't remember the pricing.
Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix In light of seersucker appreciation day, I'll re-post here a combination that largely went unnoticed on the CBD thread when I wore it Monday:
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Best first post ever. That was Vox in disguise. Speaking of transience, does anyone have access to the photo of Vox in the Parisian restaurant?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolfador Another bathroom shot. I got a haircut as suggested What's really exceptional about this image is the subtle symbolism.
"Why My Mother Was Wrong: A Story of Career Progression"
Thanks. My strategy so far has worked well for vacation placements, but I have not put nearly as much time into those applications as you suggest. For my current one, I have been going through the firm's website with a fine comb. I've had the "show, don't tell" maxim drilled into me by a series of literature teachers in high school, but I'm a bit doubtful about using this approach in applications. Certainly it's better to demonstrate a skill than to describe it, but most...
I just finished my penultimate year of law school, and began the long and arduous process of applying for training contracts. I have two internships in the next two months, but the deadlines for applications are at the end of July, so I want to have them ready by the time I receive my exam results. I have a list of 8 firms I'm applying to. My question is this: if there is an online application that includes a space for a cover letter, would I include the standard...
Selling a pair of Purple Label round sunglasses. Very sad to let go of them, but I finally realised that they don't suit me as well as my other sunglasses do.
That looks exactly right. Thank you!
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