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I just finished my penultimate year of law school, and began the long and arduous process of applying for training contracts. I have two internships in the next two months, but the deadlines for applications are at the end of July, so I want to have them ready by the time I receive my exam results. I have a list of 8 firms I'm applying to. My question is this: if there is an online application that includes a space for a cover letter, would I include the standard...
Selling a pair of Purple Label round sunglasses. Very sad to let go of them, but I finally realised that they don't suit me as well as my other sunglasses do. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...#ht_500wt_1156
That looks exactly right. Thank you!
So I "inherited" (i.e. took) a pair of shoes from my father, which were made bespoke in London c. 1980. All that is legible on the inside is "London... Alan W... Made in England." The photos are taken with a laptop camera, but I'm afraid that more detailed photos wouldn't have yielded more information. The heel has clearly been replaced. The only thing that could potentially identify the cordwainer are two nails on the waist of the shoe. Does anyone have any idea...
Quote: Originally Posted by iroh So here it is: What do you think? I normally don't wear digital watches. Was hesitant to buy at first, now I think it looks OK. The United States military considers this watch to be "an indicator of al-Qaida training in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices (IEDs)" and with it the identifying feature of a potential terrorist. Good call.
[[SPOILER]] I like it, but I would have worn dark brown leather or suede shoes. That might be because I've been indoctrinated with the idea that one's shoes should be darker than one's trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan How do you like the Fuji X100? Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere... +1
[[SPOILER]] This is inspiring. Does that shirt colour have a name?
Quote: Originally Posted by Digmenow Meanwhile, when I surf the tie racks, I swear that I can hear you and Spoo looking over each shoulder saying, "Pass, pass, pass, pass, interesting but...pass. Pass, pass, Hello! THAT ONE! I really liked your tie choice as well. I think that when starting a tie collection it's best to begin with the most basic and simplest patterns (e.g. PG), which will always look good, and avoid the urge to buy something...
Quote: Originally Posted by TTO P.S. any feedback on the fit and balance of the coat would be helpful as I plan on another order with these tailors but feel this isn't quite there yet? I'm sorry if this has been said before, but I think the front balance is slightly short. In the first photo it looks like the jacket is pulling upwards (perhaps the result of a tight chest, as someone mentioned). Also, there are quite a few folds in the...
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