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Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber Simple Solutions to the Lack of External Logo Problem: Tees: Make sure the Tee is inside out, and wear back to front. The tag should now be visible at the front. Long Sleeve Shirts: This technique only works well with Mandarin collars or Grandad collars. Wear shirt inside out, and tag showing brand and country of manufacture should be visible at the back. Ties: Tie back to front so logo tag plainly...
Mormon missionaries tried to convert me, then I got stuck next to a compost heap where I found out that it will rain until dark, so I took my chances and rode home. Then it got sunny.
Very well written. Thank you for sharing.
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 I've no interest in women that aren't in pictures posted on styleforvm
My ex had what her father called "Princess modes." In one such episode, she said that if I ever want to marry her, I'd have to get her the most expensive Tiffany ring. I dumped her there and then.
Old England did some nice MTM items, but this was a while back and I'm afraid I don't remember the pricing.
Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix In light of seersucker appreciation day, I'll re-post here a combination that largely went unnoticed on the CBD thread when I wore it Monday:
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Best first post ever. That was Vox in disguise. Speaking of transience, does anyone have access to the photo of Vox in the Parisian restaurant?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolfador Another bathroom shot. I got a haircut as suggested What's really exceptional about this image is the subtle symbolism.
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