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I suppose if you're expecting very heavy snow and you're planning to be out in it often, they are good. Having said that, I have something against big military-style boots with thick soles unless you are in the military or need them for outdoor sports. But it appears that your question is about utilitarian, not aesthetic, value. So while I find the second ones better looking, I think the first pair will be better for heavy weather. I had a similar pair once, and it took...
Or, you could try a cashmere cable crew-neck sweater (a la Polo Ralph Lauren) with the pinstripe pants. I think that could work.
1. Navy chinos or corduroy pants, as mentioned above (though I don't have much experience with Hunter Green or dark rust). 2. I have a similar problem, and I always find that matching different patterns with pinstripe pants creates a very crowded look. Perhaps try a shirt with a plain sweater vest? 3. Dark monkstraps will also work wonderfully well with light coloured pants, in my opinion. Try white linens, white jeans, or light chinos if you're going for a casual look. 4....
Acidicboy: I'm in the Republic of Georgia for several months. They actually have a seemingly genuine Zegna store (with prices that are five or six times higher than elsewhere, in addition to several private stores that import 'luxury' clothes from Europe, but again, a Gucci t-shirt will set you back $800+). Thanks for the comments everyone!
It comes down to personal choice. I tend to avoid people who are obviously careless in what they wear, so all my acquaintances are either well dressed or aspire to be. All I can say is - either accept your friends for how they look, or find new friends.
I'm afraid I must agree with the above.
Hello everyone, Today, I saw a great dark charcoal/brown Armani sport coat at a shop. The lapels rolled nicely, the fabric was excellent (Super 120s, according to the label on the sleeve), and the fit was fabulous for a pret-a-porter jacket. However, several things threw me off - it is written on the inside label that the fabric is 10-or-so percent polyester, there are no working cuffs, and the price was uncannily low (under 100 USD). Also, the logo was "Armani -...
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