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1. Navy chinos or corduroy pants, as mentioned above (though I don't have much experience with Hunter Green or dark rust). 2. I have a similar problem, and I always find that matching different patterns with pinstripe pants creates a very crowded look. Perhaps try a shirt with a plain sweater vest? 3. Dark monkstraps will also work wonderfully well with light coloured pants, in my opinion. Try white linens, white jeans, or light chinos if you're going for a casual look. 4....
Acidicboy: I'm in the Republic of Georgia for several months. They actually have a seemingly genuine Zegna store (with prices that are five or six times higher than elsewhere, in addition to several private stores that import 'luxury' clothes from Europe, but again, a Gucci t-shirt will set you back $800+). Thanks for the comments everyone!
It comes down to personal choice. I tend to avoid people who are obviously careless in what they wear, so all my acquaintances are either well dressed or aspire to be. All I can say is - either accept your friends for how they look, or find new friends.
I'm afraid I must agree with the above.
Hello everyone, Today, I saw a great dark charcoal/brown Armani sport coat at a shop. The lapels rolled nicely, the fabric was excellent (Super 120s, according to the label on the sleeve), and the fit was fabulous for a pret-a-porter jacket. However, several things threw me off - it is written on the inside label that the fabric is 10-or-so percent polyester, there are no working cuffs, and the price was uncannily low (under 100 USD). Also, the logo was "Armani -...
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