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Ain't happening. There was an out of court settlement. Among other things, it involved this: [[SPOILER]] It bears stating that Achillus was strong and shed very few tears.
Looks like there's a coming out of your pocket.
One word: Laphroaig.
I'm afraid I missed the preceding discussion. No matter. It is clear that two facts have been sufficiently established for you to derive a logical conclusion (a third fact, indeed) from their juxtaposition. A sound move, certainly, perhaps slightly lacking in formal validity. This depends, of course, on the content of said facts and the gaudiness of their pick stitching.Did I see this evening from the corner of my little eye a suited man in a [honey]badger mask rummaging...
[[SPOILER]] This has been mentioned before, but I think that the prominent stitching on the jacket detracts from the overall look. The fit is superb, but I would ask your tailor to make the stitching more subtle on future orders. It would turn an excellent look into a perfect one.
HOF: What Were You Wearing Circa 1973
[[SPOILER]] Отличная куртка, Виктор.
[[SPOILER]] This is really a superb suit, and well executed, PG. Did you really disassemble your X100, though?
Not technically a square.
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