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Women do better research than the FBI.
No. The suits were designed by a costume designer, but made in TF's factory in Italy.
May I point out that the above is a depiction of morning dress, which has no correspondence to your fits? The kind of pattern matching permitted in the context of morning dress is strictly defined, and limited to the confines of that particular dress code. Fortunately or unfortunately, it does not extend to casual/informal looks.
But not very good at putting together collages....EDIT: Nevermind, it already happened without my intervention.
In my humble opinion, it is the blue shirt that is proper with that suit. I agree that it doesn't flatter you; the first thing I notice is that it has a high buttoning point relative to your other suits.
Ain't happening. There was an out of court settlement. Among other things, it involved this: [[SPOILER]] It bears stating that Achillus was strong and shed very few tears.
Looks like there's a coming out of your pocket.
One word: Laphroaig.
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