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I was alluding to the perennial conflict between no-divots Robo Pose and Real Life.
Divots, divots!
I bought a tuxedo that fits perfectly on the front but is slightly loose on the back and the sleeves are too long by a couple of inches. As the buttons are already in place, the sleeves needed to be shortened from the shoulder. The tailor I visited suggested taking in the back slightly as well. He said that on a ventless jacket, the back is taken in from the center seam. When he inserted pins into the center seam, it caused some bunching on the lower back. He suggested...
Pesky loose thread sprezz. Might have to incinerate that one.
Work selfie; Styleforum makes prepubescents of us all. NB: Hober, Thomas Pink, Brooks Bros.
I should clean up my office.
Work selfie, featuring a Hober and rogue square.
I have been accepted to study for the Masters in Economic Law at Sciences Po Paris and for the BCL at Oxford. Does anyone have any experience with either? I'm planning on a career in commercial law, but I have a particular interest in the developing world, and I have some research interests in this area that both programmes would cater for. I suppose it comes down to career prospects, but I would appreciate any advice.
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