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Hi Guys, I've got a pair of Cheaney shoes that are tan and looking to antique them to a darker shade of brown. Anyone know where this can be done in Melb? Thanks in advance.
agreed - plal price is much cheaper that people must think they are seconds or similar?? edgeware is approx. AUD$450 from plal, closer to $600 is Aust I think.
hey guys, I'm looking for another pair of C&J (probably rosemoor) and there seems to be big fluctuations in price when buying online. I've been to P Lal and actually bought 2 pairs from them thinking it's got to be the best priced around...has anyone found cheaper C&Js online? Thanks all...
Thanks guys for all the responses. I'll be there tomorrow!! Read on a coupe of websites that service at Wilkes can be good/bad depending on how ones dressed...kinda sad really. We'll see.....
Thanks guys for the prompt response. Any sales at either of these shops atm?
Hi Guys, Can you guys pls list some shops in San Fran that sell decent shoes? Budget is around bench grade C&J or Carmina. Really into the Carminas atm, any shops in San Fran stocking them? Cheers.....
Hi Guys, I'll be in San Fran for a week in August and looking to pickup a pair of moccasins similar to below link. Is this considered a good value pair of shoes and/or what are the alternatives available in San Fran? http://www.bally.com/item//tskay/C4CD0307/rr/1/cod10/44334186EW/areaid//sts/ Thanks all.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley I'm tall and slim, and they didn't really suit my body shape. Lovely cashmere and loved the colours... but hung baggy on me and was too short in the body. If they fit you though I think they are pretty good value 30% off. Thanks guys. I'll hold off until after Easter as I heard they are having a sale then.
Hi Guys, Anyone picked up one of Herringbone's cashmere sweaters? RRP is $400..when on 30% off sales, is it worth the money? Any other v-neck sweater suggestions? Ta!
Hi Guys, I'm looking to re-sole a pair of Bally loafers in Melb CBD. They are rubber sole atm. Any suggestions/experiences on who I should use? Thanks all.
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