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Yeah got them already and will have to slim a little as well...could even take an inch of the hem and they'd still have that loungy style Margiela fit as well. Really nice materal, website described them as gabardine which I suppose is close enough as it's a wool twill type thing.
Needs moar outerwear
Any opinions on the Kaghak? Worth getting over the Ijevan (which I can't find anyways).
Got them from Tres Bien using an infamous code. Think they only have a size 9 left.
All sizing is easily found on the TOJ/JC website. I trust their measurements more than my own!
MMM Pants Lanvin Sneaks
Ah, I thought the sale thread was where we were banned from any code chat. I apologise for that and plead ignorance.
You are a fantastic person
Sorry to beg but..looking to grab some lanvin sneaks...
Anyone willing to proxy the navy shawl sweater? Sold out here in UK...
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