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I'd imagine unless you are looking at a particularly terrible iteration or have strangely large or small feet 30% is about the best you can expect. Most of the good stuff is already gone.
Yeah that pretty much describes my usual sizing tbf. Got a Margiela cardigan today, going to check the measurements on it...
Margiela cable knit is cool...sizing also indicates it being quite oversized...wonder if I could get away with a medium...
Dude, they are shitty grey sweatpants. There are a million others that look identically shit that you can pick up from your local Walmart.
This thread is just a constant cycle of shit shoes until someone asks why Margiela won't just release the OG Hightop and then the cycle restarts.
Looks great. Loving the white jeans fits of late. Making those HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM boots look good as well...looking forward to getting mine now!
Worn mine solidly for a month in shitty Irish weather...holding up just fine. Infact after some conditioner and polish they look better than they did originally.
Rocking Margiela on the bus...baller.
New fits are shit for taller guys. Don't know why they went a fucked with the sizing.
Boring argument is boring.
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