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Any receipts? I kid, looks awesome!
Seen a few Margielas around 28-28.5 in a 50.
SSSSsssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh It looks terrible. Sell to me
I ordered from LNCC on the 28th and they only shipped yesterday after the code kicked in. Refunded me the extra 20% into paypal which I thought was good of them!
you couldn't like that? doesn''t seem to exist on the uk store?
I hate the oversized brogue details on those Grensons...
If you do decide to send it back I'm looking for this exact sweater in a size 5...just saying...
Taken my own measurements. They came out to... P2P: 22" Front Length: 25" Back Length: 27" Shoulders: Raglan...estimate to fit 19"
Moo fit is superb, new jean fit makes such a difference. Looking great dude!! What size Ijevan did you go for?
This part resonates with the Irish in me
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