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Anyone tried the Theory down jackets? Hows the sizing? Possible to go down one?
New MA-1 for the nylon brigade
+1 again
Yeah mine had no tags either and the paper/cardboard that is usually stuffed into new shoes was just sitting on top of the shoes in the box so clearly a return. Have sent them pictures as requested so will see what becomes of the situation. Unfortunately the colourway is sold out everywhere as well so not just an easy return and swap
Just recieved Lanvin sneakers from TBS. look like a second hand eBay purchase. Sole dirty and showing wear. FFS!
Happen to be a 45 Yeah been using Matches a lot recently, good Margiela and Lanvin selection.
Where did you snag those Balenciaga Regis? Been searching for a pair for months...
Got the whites online and they do look a bit shit. Going to use them for some summer fits though with white jeans or navy pants.
Well it's not that...
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