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This guys torso is either 10 inches long or Australian clothes are massive.
Well I'm about 6'3 with 19" should be perfect!
Have a 5 in red on its way to me. Considering my luck with SS sizing thus far it isn't a stretch to imagine it might be for sale when it arrives
Just to update, and to be fair to TBS, Bjorn emailed this morning apologising for the situation and said if I wanted anything from S/S then email him and he would sort me with a better deal than the 15% I was initially offered. Seems fair enough to me.
Bows already ordered one so I assume it exists...
Got a Uniqlo x Theory down jacket in today. Definitely slim fitting. Was planning on skiing in it but I think it's going to be too restrictive
Can't wait for the new stuff to start arriving!
So basically we can conclude TBS need to look into their returns policy. Bit disappointing to receive substandard product when purchasing luxury items
^^ Sorry...seems you you referring to the bloke above.
Yeh EU45 so US12. Probably the same pair...
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