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Where's the blazer from KOY?
Yeah sucks balls...NHS is utterly useless...but's free**not
Not just go private with your £47k annum job?
Need heattech and fleeces for ski trip but there'S nothing left on the UK store. RESTOCK FFS!!!
cheap looking buckle is disgusting.
Ha, was the 11.5 that I picked up.Colour was definitely the selling factor for me, looks great!
Yeah been buying quite a bit of Margiela lately. Fits me well and quality is always great. Haven't received those from LN-CC yet so interested to see what the sole is like... Looking to grab that cassette tee myself, nice!
They always honour price adjustments. Best customer service in the business. Also when an item sells out it always acts buggy like that.
Going to be Monday for me, sorry guys. Going to sort the rest of my shit over the weekend. Utterly nailed in work since the Xmas break.
Been looking at these for a while, needed some slim borwn shoes. £490 retail...paid £115. Excellent.
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