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Yeh p2p seems huge so that's what's worrying me!
Yeh I'm 6'4 so can probably get away with it. Plus I'd imagine it's meant to be more on the drapey side...
Just purchased the Cardigan Shir in a VI but concerned it's going to be too big. I'm usually a 50/52 in Margiela/Jil/Raf etc...so I'm I in the right ballpark?
For sale is a Tempe of Jawnz Baseball Jacket in tan, in size 52 with +1" on the lengths. An excellent piece that I am selling as it just doesn't sit with the direction of my wardrobe. Perfect condition, maybe worn 3 times in total. Add $10 for shipping outside UK. £180 shipped for UK buyers.
I emailed them and they sent me a personal, account linked, code.
Its 8.15pm here in the UK...they will be closed for the night.
Well here in the UK, where they base themselves, we are getting no fucking discount. So you can dry your eyes and take what you're given.
Defo not working for me
Any UKers get the LNCC code to work?
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