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^^^ Likewise
Poor guy is just saving you from buying the ugliest sneakers on the interweb!
If you're 9% body fat then notwithit must be -4%
Find the slim straights S001 to fit great myself.
You do realise he's over 6 foot tall?
Out for delivery today with another item I ordered from Canada over a week later. 17 days Europe to UK. Had issues on every delivery thus far.
I think about 2 people in the history of TOJ have paid fees. I haven't been hit by our over zealous customs here in the UK on any of my 3 jackets.
COS shipping times are the worst in the industry for me. Coming up to 2 weeks now and I'm in the UK. They use Hermes who are utter crap.
Fire Joseph a PM, he will sort you out. They ship TNT if that helps....
New Posts  All Forums: