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a bulk
I hope your a fan of carbohydrates and booze lol!!
haven't even seen them pop up anywhere yet...
Has been sent out, but I was really late man. Sorry.
Don't like it Moo. Cool pieces in there but seems pretty incongruent...especially top half/bottom half.
Mids are growing on me big time
Want a new routine...some sort of aesthetics based hypertrophy shit. Someone link me up. I think earlier someone suggested IA SPBR? Is this a good plan? Spot the n00b
I think the blue was actually just pretty much grey.
Bought some New Balance Zero Trail shoes to lift in...should be a massive improvement on my squishy Free Run 3s Also enjoying my new supplements from The Protein Works...highly recommended for other UK folk.
Can't imagine anything worse than wearing Tyvek clothing. Have to put one of the boiler suits on for any longer than 5 minutes is excruciating.
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