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Viscose MMM 5 Zip ('sup Regis) for $500...
a bulk
I hope your a fan of carbohydrates and booze lol!!
haven't even seen them pop up anywhere yet...
Has been sent out, but I was really late man. Sorry.
Don't like it Moo. Cool pieces in there but seems pretty incongruent...especially top half/bottom half.
Mids are growing on me big time
Want a new routine...some sort of aesthetics based hypertrophy shit. Someone link me up. I think earlier someone suggested IA SPBR? Is this a good plan? Spot the n00b
I think the blue was actually just pretty much grey.
Bought some New Balance Zero Trail shoes to lift in...should be a massive improvement on my squishy Free Run 3s Also enjoying my new supplements from The Protein Works...highly recommended for other UK folk.
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