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Very nice whodini! I can't wait to see these when they've been washed a couple more times, they'll be amazing. By the way, where did you pick up the Dr. Bronners? Did you order online? I haven't seen Bronners in any of the major supermarkets.
Quote: Originally Posted by davis98 I have had the non flame SSDS for about 3 months now (about 2 months of wear). I sized down 2 sizes, wish I only went down one, hopefully they will stretch just a tiny bit more. When I first got them I could just barely button them up, now they are still tight but not nearly as bad, I guess it depends what look/style your going for. Heres a pic... they have more shine in person. I think they get more shiny the...
Just got done browsing through the site, and I really like what you're doing man. And I really dig the first line in the 'about' section. I'm in LA so I'll be stopping by the store to see the suits in person, and hopefully will make my first suit purchase from you. Keep it up.
Quote: Originally Posted by knucks So I like the way they fit now, don't want to soak them. I'm thinking I will soak em after a few weeks of wear (so they shrink back to how they are now after all the stretching) Did you soak them before wearing them? Someone correct me if I'm wrong here but aren't APCs unsanforized?
Jet, what's your waist and inseam? Raw / one-wash RRLs are popping up again on ebay, and I check fairly often so I can keep an eye out for you...or you can take a look yourself, just make sure you get actual waist and inseam measurements from the seller. If you're really adamant about getting a pair right away, then go with the smallest size you can fit into at the store because the jeans stretch out a lot in the waist and thighs. Also, I would say to go with the slim...
I used to wear brown with black, and I have a nylon/velcro wallet that I've been using for the past 5 years. I wish I found this site / threads like these sooner.
i've got a pair of flame dry straight svens and i really like them. the denim is sort of uneven but definitely no where near the slubbiness of pbj's. i also like the streakyness of the denim, in fact that was what made the jeans appealing to me at first. as far as the fit is concerned, they're the best fitting jeans i've purchased, no anti-fit ass...just straight all the way through. i think the slight bootcut on the rrds is the only thing that's different between the...
I agree that there is a lot of 'energy' in LA, and at the same time, Angelinos can be laid back, which I very much appreciate. I just cannot stand New Yorkers and their obnoxious 'greatest city in the whole world' mentality. On a side note, I have to say that diversity in LA is a funny thing because while LA is diverse, it is still very segregated.
Hey Ott, is the coat still available? If possible, may I have shoulder to shoulder measurements for the coat?
Quote: Originally Posted by gamelan Arcadia is open. it's right outside the JC Penney's. two floors, pretty good size. 1st floor is about 60-70% mens clothing. rest is women's. first time H&Mer and i'm impressed, especially with the pricing on their outerwear and blazers. didn't pick up anything since i wasn't really in the mood. but i'll definitely be back post holiday season. any other SFers check it out today? and yes, if you're not...
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