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it looks cool in that angled shot, but less so from the front. definitely a maybe liked this one as well:
relaxed fit wool trousers cuffed for some taper have been my go-to for loungey weekend fits this winter--for when you want to wear sweatpants without wearing sweatpants
think a straight fit would actually work better with your proportions. trousers are barena?
two purchases from them and no issues...helpful over the phone with sizing questions, and received orders within 3 days IIRC from NYC to seattle. I wouldn't worry, more than likely a shipper issue than a gentry issue.
appreciate the details, foklittle confused though...the above pics look much more similar to this structured toe:rather than these unstructured toes:what am I missing?
fuck, I need more navy like a hole in the head
'doesn't work' how? errors/no values/something else?my guess is you have calculation set to manual or there are errors or NAs in lookup arrayalso, get in the habit of using index/match over v/hlookup--much more flexible and impervious to mistakes
if you find alpaca itchy, you could legitimately have a wool allergy. easy enough to test for this via your GP/PCP schneider scarf composition varies, so prob not a reasonable proxy...most people find mohair itchy to some extent
really liking these watches with steel mesh bands: purchase of something similar may be on the horizon
Looking for an Ion in Oxblood in either L or XL -- PM me with any leads. Thanks!
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