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+1totally...fuggin steal at $45
it wouldn't. it's heat that causes shrink, not exposure to water.
charcoal/charcoal here as wellanyone seen any of the SS14 shorts stocked anywhere yet?
thanks for the rec...not loving the waist cinch or material and have heard mixed reviews reviews about ten c stuff. any other recs?
looking for a basic 3/4 length hooded spring/summer weight fishtail parka (no or lightly insulated) in black with no fur trim. of everything I've come across, this ace hotel x alpha industries jam seems closest to what I'm looking for, but want it in black. have done quite a bit of searching, but nothing quite hit the mark. any recs?
the colorway above has a bit of a blueish hue to it IRL...does the charcoal merino have a blueish hue as well or was the comparison more to the character/texture of the weave than the color strictly speaking?
a bionic arm?
what's the rationale for the ribbon on some of ann demeulemeester's men's blazers? any real purpose/function or simply 'artistic flourish'?
holler if you decide to part with those a1923 buckle high tops
freewaters...suede foot bed is comfy, and company ethos is a plus
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