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that belstaff?
as with most schneider, it's about the drape...reminiscent of the double alpaca and incredible when done right. nothing against bene, but his fits with the coat aren't the most well put together and don't really do much to highlight the way the rock coat flows.
have been on the look out for a shearling leather and came across this schott b3 that fits the bill at a good price haven't been super excited by any of the fits I've found of it and schott generally fits on the boxy side, which doesn't tend to work with my proportions. also not sure I'm sold on the details--pretty basic, and part of me was hoping for something with more 'visual interest' yay/nay?
don't know what the original comment was about, but betting it has something to do with RUBUSD tanking this week
clearly mine
all black
honestly, way more versatile than I expected. been wearing sweats and denim w taper more this winter and they work w both
itchiness on the ijevan was one of the main reasons I ended up not buying last season...also wasn't a huge fan of the excessive structure in the shoulder. and 2nd nations on sizing, 7 in the ijevan is LARGE, I was leaning toward the 6 from what I remember
that feel after submitting your masters/doctoral thesis...congrats
I take a 10.5 in most dress shoes, 11 in most sneakers (11 in nike, 44 in cps, 11.5 in the flyknit racers) and so went with an 11. the 11 fits pretty close to an outline of my foot--no room in width, maybe a quarter inch in the toe. fit is pretty similar to the racers in size 11, where I ultimately decided to size up a half.
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