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Think you really need double cuffs there, dieww
Think they look better w the boots (double cuffs work there, IMO) As a rule of thumb, the chunkier the cuffs, the chunkier the shoes should be. Fat cuffs w sneakers makes me think of an 8yo who's wearing his big bro's denim, though YMMV
butteros look great...but those cuffs tho let em stack
SP DID just receive the rest of their pre-order stuffany other vendors have the SP preorder 'CLO' jacket up yet?
JFC, is this designer names discussion still going on? RFT: I need a black leather for upcoming FW. like RO stuff, but tough to come by in black size 54 off ebay/sufu. who else does slimmer cuts with decent leather in that size sub $2k?
been looking for an RO mollino/intarsia in black size 54 on ebay/sufu for a while now with no luck. any other designers I should be checking out (that regularly carry in this size) in particular? short list of wants: -sub $2k -slimmer cut (a la RO v. some of the aero/vanson stuff I've seen) -decent quality leather (newer season RO I tried off MH was shit, not sure if attributable to newer season RO leather or being off MH)
liking some of the A+R blazers...reminiscent of the IS gloved blazer from a few years back
I'd check out aether for hoodies...the hoodie I bought from them has been excellent and I know they do more technical stuff as well (wrt the rain protection)
some great pics, greg/kyle...haven't seen the 'denim' or 'weeds' colorways elsewhere in the poa, both look great
think this one's coming through the lens of missing last year's apc kenickie
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