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wrong thread
don't say this...pulled the trigger on a size 7 at forward and hoping it doesn't fit as small as the rock coat
any promo codes active atm? looking to pick up some dri fit tanks
had seen they have the light grey duo online...they have the dark grey duo in store only or something?
anyone have the dark grey duo 2 escobars on sale? size xl in particular
how to size qasa highs? take an 11 in most nike, 11.5 in the racers and 44 in cps
think the word was that they fit larger this season (ie, you'd want a small depending on how slim the medium fit last year)
wut? mine in turquoise from fw13 started out fitted and did stretch a bit, but nothing approaching saggy elbows. are you sitting with your arms bent a lot or did you size up? it's def a weightier knit, but surprised to hear that
that belstaff?
as with most schneider, it's about the drape...reminiscent of the double alpaca and incredible when done right. nothing against bene, but his fits with the coat aren't the most well put together and don't really do much to highlight the way the rock coat flows.
New Posts  All Forums: