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how's homedude making it work with a 39" chest then? this fit's pretty much spot on, imo
anyone have the roshe runs on sale atm? looking for this colorway in size 11 (assuming they fit tts) fwiw
trying to make sense of your ion sizingrg: http://rodengray.com/products/ioncardiganlists model as having a 39" chest and wearing a L. how does this fit you with a ~42" (iirc) chest?
like, black in particularbeen thinking about getting a pair of roshes as beater sneakers this summer
if they're dry, you're doing it wrong
gotta get them boneless wings (ie, chicken fingers)
I like it...wrapped in a 12th man flag for good measure
SEA-HAAAWKS! great game, great season
looking for a basic terry slightly oversized sweatshirt/hooded sweatshirt in a heather grey, ideally on sale...any recs?
New Posts  All Forums: