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really liked the lined leathers this season, and looks like a number will make it to pretty heavy discount. wish they were produced in larger sizes (56+ for 44 chest)
there's a bit of give in the waist due to the elastic waistband, maybe an inch or two, but nothing crazy. relatively, waist is cut a bit fuller than the rest of the pant, so should be less of an issue, but obv body types vary, so ymmv"I'll take that rack"
where to find in size 11?
wrong thread
don't say this...pulled the trigger on a size 7 at forward and hoping it doesn't fit as small as the rock coat
any promo codes active atm? looking to pick up some dri fit tanks
had seen they have the light grey duo online...they have the dark grey duo in store only or something?
anyone have the dark grey duo 2 escobars on sale? size xl in particular
how to size qasa highs? take an 11 in most nike, 11.5 in the racers and 44 in cps
think the word was that they fit larger this season (ie, you'd want a small depending on how slim the medium fit last year)
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