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LCD/LEDs are great, and even preferable if you're watching in less than completely dark settings my samsung LED looked like shit out of the box. bit of googling for settings and turning off auto motion plus completely fixed the issue. picture is killer now
finally ended up picking up the oxblood ion in L from RG thanks, namor/dis for sizing input. L, though a bit short, is clearly the right size--room through chest and shoulders are even slightly long. XL would have prob been too big
one persons 'splays out sloppily' is another's 'flows gracefully'...the drape when open is one of the coolest parts of SS hooded outerwear, imo
slightly futile post-kgfan fit, but cozy saturday fit [[SPOILER]]
so, you're asking if you should go to a party where there will be an assortment of cool women you don't know but have a mutual friend in common withhow is this a question?
fit is a little intense for making frittatas
I've said it before, but after much trial and error BR are my dress trousers of choice. even at retail they're a decent value but with their sales, they're a no-brainier. picked up 4 pairs in early jan at like 45% off w combined discounts and a helpful CS rep.slim fit + nice materials = winner
anyone tried this seasons bee in size 7? any sense for how it'd fit at 6-3, 215, 45in chest. imagine it'll fit similar to item 8, so trying to use it as a proxy and how are people sizing item 4? joseph indicated they might be able to make a size 8 as well, so not sure whether to got with 6, 7 or an 8 on that one. leaning towards a 7 as I imagine it'll fit a little roomier
still not sure about a couple pieces in the preorder...is this stuff we're likely to see elsewhere later, namely closer to actual fw14, or are these unlikely to pop up elsewhere for whatever reason. don't remember how the last SP preorder played out
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