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The rick adidas boots look nice aside from the soles...which result in them looking even more ridic than the sneakers.
like the green top coat and scarves, otherwise, not really feeling the excess of velvet.
when are we getting an mtv cribs, canstyleace edition?
thats surprising to hear...Im a 54/slim 56 and would say the fit on the merino sz 7 is spot on, though a bit slim when buttoned w some layering.
the shoes so frequently ruin decent fits from you though...they really dont go w all the schneider and relaxed CM stuff you seem to favor. most of the time simply swapping out those black derbies you have would make for a drastic improvement.
I can't tell if moo is actual the troll or the seemingly, but impossibly, genuine responses of irritation at such an obvious attempt to provoke
and $125 here (though for less egregious reason)
dropped in barneys this week and answered my own question...size down at least a half, length of outsole is reminiscent of that on my cp mids, but with more width and stretchy ninja shit.
alpaca blend algae from fwrd goes back on monday, pm me if interested before then
like the colors but as usual very little I'd be able to wear. maybe one of the basic trousers, like the high rise/low crotch, thinking white
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