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think I need some version of that inner rider in my life...does he make stuff in larger sizes? looks like he tops out at 52 per his web store
got mine in a 7, posted a pic in the schneider thread
charcoal merino in 7 came today...material is beautiful, but a bit more voluminous than I'd expected. thinking about swapping with someone with a 6 looking for a roomier fit, but not sure it'd work through the shoulders/chest
fit looks spot on, what're the boots?
Considering picking up a pair of brown wholecuts, ideally with some patina and/or broguing sub $1K. Not necessarily looking to go the bespoke route, but if that gets me something more interesting, certainly amenable. Any suggestions on designers/vendors to check out or specific pieces that might work? And, just because, some shoe porn:
gd, just when I thought I'd gotten my fill of schneider...more pics of that long coat? looks similar to a traditional top coat, any notable additional details?
he made a snarky, unhelpful post, and I called him on it--nothing defensive about it. seems like jompso understood what I was getting at, so it couldn't have been that poorly phrased.reread the original post wherein I ask for a 'low straight with some taper cut' and let's just put this to bed. feel free to continue arguing semantics if you get something out of it though.
double alpaca has elastic ribbed cuffs that looks like a different jacket entirely though--looks like moleskin or canvas of some kind
I realize that (RRL low straight is a straight cut), which is why I'm asking for a straight cut with some taper (like the straightness through the knee, but want a bit more taper)useless response is useless. iron heart has one here, but was looking for others
the light grey is considerably more substantial than either of the other two offerings (part of the reason I went charcoal v. light grey). think it was something like 800g v. the 580 for the charcoal
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