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if that's the one with the giant, unwieldy hood, then 2nd this^. fit about a size small (54 > 52) and arms were ridiculously slim with no stretch.
nice, where'd you kop?
look kinda like rod lavers dude
bigger. I'm a 44/54 and went with the L. XL was wearable, and might be worth a gamble, but it's gonna be pretty oversized unless you're 54+
which do you have a 56 in?
tried a recent season stooges and the 54 fit like a 52, and RO doesn't make a 56 afaik. any leathers with a slim silhouette (a la RO) that tend to work for bigger dudes?
it's less about choosing to ruin their lives than it is a sort of inevitability. all this stuff tends to happen, and not always or to all of them, precisely because there isn't a solid foundation for these types of people to build a life on--whether it's due to family issues or peers or whatever, environmental factors play a huge part in all this stuff.as bene alluded to, a poly sci major is a tough sell. if you have any proclivity and/or interest, have you considered...
NIB black/mud back-zips in kangaroo leather -- color is more or less true to pictures, with less sheen in indirect light. These are a size 43, but run about a size big -- would fit a 10.5-11/44 as is and a true 9.5-10/43 well with inserts. Leather is beautifully supple and construction is solid as you'd expect with 10 sei 0 otto. Looking for $500 + shipping on these
more pics, plz
great stuff, dudes...as a newbie to dries, really enjoying a lot of this content so far
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