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^it's nice, sizing is wacked though (I took a XXXL--no typo)
what's the deal with the socks? been waiting to drop my order in hopes of all items being restocked--all but one at the moment--thinking of placing, worth picking up socks as well? look like some nike elite rip offs, and 13 bucks at I missing something?
speaking of, ss boutique has the wine bee in size 6 (hint, hint)anyone sees the wine bee in 7, holler plz
you guys are fucking ridiculous with this "I'm saving you $7" shit between this and the guy who wanted someone to ship him a pair of socks so he could save $5
looking for the 5s in fire red, expect to pay more than $200?
typically it's about the clothes in the beginning, then becomes more about sizing once new stuff stops popping. not really how this threak has progressed
it's called performance art
jeremy scott is on another level awful...but he's also not charging close to 1k for his shit
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