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anyone ordered from or familiar with 290sqm? not sure if legit https://290sqm.com/SNS-Herning also, can anyone familiar with the oxblood colorway comment on the trueness of the color represented on their site? looks less appealing than I've seen elsewhere
grail kopped. so nice, might even be more impressed with design than materials.
per their policies page, they only issue credit or exchange on anything you use a code/discount on...no straight refund. :
unless there's something specific to those two, have you checked out left field's cone selvedge duck canvas? have a slim and regular cut, quality is great on mine. extra length in the inseam to do a chunky cuff for workwear fits too
those filson's look way better in that last pic than in the first otherwise, one of the few times I'd recommend red wings: they're everywhere (both j crew and brooks brothers have versions), model number 9185, so shouldn't have a problem getting a good deal on a pair have been considering these for casual wear a while myself
generally, I totally agree. with wool, I've heard horror stories...here no less. but it's your sweater, so do what you'd like not sure what the subtle jab about my suggestion to embrace the fit was about though
any codes for END or any sales in the near future?
I'd be careful washing/drying wool, really easy to just turn into a mangled mess likely easier to just size differently than trying to shrink it...or better still, embrace the fit
not sure what the issue is, but that's how old stark it's supposed to fit. looks good
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