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if you like it otherwise, why not...it's 25 bucks. could always fold it over or something if it's too visible
my comments are similar to bows'...don't care for the pocket, kinda cheese imo. jacket would prob be better sized down and pants could use some slimming and taperdef prefer the shell+tuck pose better though. like the design on the jacket and fit better and prefer the high tops tucked, both to show the sneaks more and to get some of the desired taper. pants still look too baggy though, but pants seem to be an acknowledged weak point for you fck
looking for black lace-ups...what're my best options sub ~$1k (already have guidi 995s on my list)? been looking for marsells, but don't seem to be any black lace ups this season...anything else I should check out?
15% off dreambox stuff atm
continuing this is ridiculous, but since you did, of the first 6 saved links I opened up, 3 weren't on the list...I've gone through their stocklist in the past and a lot of them are B&Ms anyway. was wondering if anyone had assembled an online stocklist at any point
ultimate enabler...luckily, I'm a size 44. thanks, dude
if only the mid tops
it's not exhaustive
have we compiled an SNS stocklist yet? looking for the oxblood ion in XL and feeling ambitious
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