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have we compiled an SNS stocklist yet? looking for the oxblood ion in XL and feeling ambitious
because like that specific pair or the biker jeans in general? really liked a couple fits I've seen around with the biker jeans (one pair in particular before I even knew what they were), not personally feeling that green pair you posted iirc
my dude...was thinking of making my fit shirtless in your honorstill slightly torn though, MC top with SWD bottom or vice versa
hope fok negotiated getting paid by trunk club based on click throughs rather than conversions #SFgettingrichonaccidentalclicks
matias cotton/canvas trousers
like the coif more than the sweater crew necks are bad enough, roll/turtle necks are even worse triple grey still looks great though
giant block of text
bagel + CC spread + cucumber = automatic winstill remember cheddar cheese bagels and butter from manhattan bagel back east when I was growing up...tasted like mac and cheese
TTSspeaking of, still can't decide whether I want to pull the trigger on that jacket or not. #pullingamikey
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