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at that price point, I'd just go EG...bunch of cool vests this season
#humblebragdef distinctive. you wear your shit way bigger than me though
given their random collabos since, I'd say so. the grammy cover and 25 bucks off danny brown's album are definitely solidwas thinking earlier while listening to their danny brown/25 bucks track, how distinctive and clear a voice they have. believe they'd officially come together in 2011 (read they were part of born gold before that, who are also awesome, btw), but they already have such a clear musical voice, pretty amazing really
think it would if there were enough contrast in color between it and the tee
don't disagree with your second commentspeaking of, when did you get that jil knit? I've been trying to get into some jil or margiela stuff, but any time I see it and/or try it on the last couple seasons, I'm totally underwhelmed, at least at the pricepoint
fit pics? that cardi looks great--model wearing something else under it as well or is that part of the cardi?
SFers that saw dudes were getting $300 for their dip dyes and decided to list theirs
they've got like 25-40% off sales on pretty regularly (was 30% when I looked last week, and appears to be 25% now)...you're looking for discount on top of that?
I like the first pair better...think they'd be more versatile as well, given the sole/lace details on the second
I have both the cashmere and merino v necks...quality on the cashmere is solid, largely indistinguishable from j crew (loro piana yarn) I got last winter, and at about 1/3 of the price (when j crew was on sale). fit is nice and slim as well (pretty similar to j crew slim fit really) as to the feel of the cashmere, if you're discerning enough to distinguish cashmere based on hand alone, you wouldn't likely be looking at uniqlo cash in the first place, and what PPPP...
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