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I was kinda feelin that givenchy black/red star neck tee last year
I mean, if you're OK with it, do your thing, but just to mirror a version of what NN is saying, you realize you're shouldering the entirety of this accident, when it was arbitrary that you were driving, correct?as a compromise, paying the deductible and his insurance payment bump, and letting him(her) deal with whatever the insurance chooses to pay for the car (if it's under KBB) seems pretty accommodating to me.
truth, apparently fok caught word
shit, deets?
fucking ebay haggling
believe that's the same jacket user abraxis just posted pics of...said he got it from the sp preorder, haven't even seen it anywhere else
you gotta rub it in? looking at winter rain gear as we speak
thanks for spelling that out for us
off chance, but while I've seen this mesh undershirt in black, anyone carrying the undershirt in this burgundy color? or this jacket?
takes a while to build, but so solid
New Posts  All Forums: