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it's called performance art
jeremy scott is on another level awful...but he's also not charging close to 1k for his shit
any place better than ebay to pick up a pair of air jordans? looking for the 5s, specifically
liking the long shorts...might actually buy some ss this ss rather than just rocking slim shorts and tees for summer
I'll add zachary's in the bezerk for deep dish...shit's legit
waited a few days to see if there was any uniqlo black friday sale...bunch of shit now gone in my size/color fuuuuuu
where are you buying patek anything for ~$7k?not to pile on, but while I think the pieces are cool, it's a lotta loot to spend on something so basic and ultimately decorative. that said, it's obviously a personal decision and I'm sure I spend money on stuff folks here wouldn't agree with myself, so can't hate
kinda creepy honestly. appreciate the bubble butt, but weirdly androgynous otherwise
I'm in mostly the same boat...one expected purchase (marsell lace-ups), one impulse sorta-expected purchase (apc leather-sleeve bomber), and a couple other random purchases (apc knits, acne socks), but the main stuff I've been looking for hasn't been avail or on sale (acne roc cash sz 36/34, schneider bee in sz 7, sns ion in oxblood sz XL)
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