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already sized down a half due to length, down a full size is too short in length
liking some of the new y3 qasa iterations for SS, no half sizes FTL
bigger list is part of the SS-specific distribution (accessible via tumblr). need to message SP for login detailswas looking at the memory this morning and came to the same conclusion. that said, prob going to hold off on the pre-order since I'm not dead set on any colorway and unsure of sizing
for sure
the sleeves going to be unlined on the memory as with the merino?
maybe 4, maybe 10...bummer most of the cooler pieces dont seem to be offered
cut is slightly slim through the shoulders, def more room through the waist (had mine taken in actually). posted a fit pic a while back on here of my size 7ha, was me...def made it back to them, I got my refund. one of their larger employees probably opened it, saw its gloriousness, and swiped it
I can't believe they still have stock in this clover at that price: one of my best buys this fw even at retail, wearing it today, actually
I don't know how, but it seems like SS keeps getting better this is drool worthy:
2nd opinion on this 5zip fit? no idea how, but think the 52 in this works on me--slightly limited range of motion (up and down, mostly), but not planning on doing calisthenics in the thing. plz excuse dirty mirror(s)
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