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clover and poa, both size 7 poa fits slightly oversized, but think it works as a slouchier knit. clover fits well through the chest and shoulders, but thinking about getting the waist taken in a bit. contrast this to the rock coat in size 7, which even with just a T is too small through the shoulders to make work. the knit portion, same on both, is the 'storm' colorway and looks navy in pics, but actually black/dark grey in reality and pick up on a slight green hue in...
have actually been considering the same jacket given difficulty finding used RO in big sizes...leather looks decent for 700 bucks
clover and poa showed up today...quality is on point this season, though sizing is all over will post some pics later
charcoal, will post up if it ends up not fitting
merino presale kopped...if the 7 doesn't work in it (too small), as it didn't in the rock coat, I just might need to send mr. schneider a letter about sizing for bigger fellas
most koppage already happened....nmwa merino presale played out this spring. handful of additional pieces go on sale tomorrow
'rock' coat made it ! holy narrow shoulders :-/
can't tell if this is a compliment or criticism
shipped !
wait, unless you're in a rush...def more to come
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