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I can't believe they still have stock in this clover at that price: http://www.notre-shop.com/collections/stephan-schneider/products/stephan-schneider-clover-jacket-in-storm one of my best buys this fw even at retail, wearing it today, actually
I don't know how, but it seems like SS keeps getting better this is drool worthy:
2nd opinion on this 5zip fit? no idea how, but think the 52 in this works on me--slightly limited range of motion (up and down, mostly), but not planning on doing calisthenics in the thing. plz excuse dirty mirror(s)
Im finding the patterned cardigan (?) here strangely appealing
marble busts? TF is really going all out with the gift sets
proportions look a little weird to me, namely everything looks a little 'tight'my experience with the geobaskets as part of non-RO fits is that they work best with drapier, more athletic looking stuff to balance out the bulkiness of the shoes. I'm thinking of denim or trousers with a higher rise and looser top block and an oversized or looser top (thinking of something like that oversized knit I remember @ChetB wearing a while ago paired with something like acne roc/max...
So you don't wear stuff to avoid making it visible? Seems crazy to hide something like that. Let your flag fly, hombre
for the longest time, Id avoided seriously considering black derbies because I couldnt imagine working them into my wardrobeI could totally see myself wearing this though:
if anyones planning a purchase from the PE webshop in the near future...have a store credit for sale, hit me up
was looking at yohji ss15 this morning and so much awesome stuff, not sure how to integrate into current wardrobe unless I were going to buy an entire outfit though
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