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Posts by superego not sure about the shoulder measurement on this (seems small) nor the chest, really (seems a tad big)
are shoulder measurements on rick leathers generally small relative to the chest measurement? curious about the intarsia in particular.
clover was one of the standouts for me this season. have the charcoal version merino if you're looking for color options.
liking the women's cw of the lunar 3s launching on thursday better than the men's, thinking about picking them up. when are the next set slated to launch and in which cws (dont see it on the ndc launch calendar)? any word on how to size these (and up 1 to account for womens sizing)?
how is this useful? "your shoes are ugly and a shitty value but I'm not going to suggest anything better."common projects on sale are gonna be a better value, also diemme does some with similar lace eyelets. don't think any of them are worth ~$400 though.
please wear these trousers/boots with every fit moving forward--best yet
Store credit in the form of a code, good through 8/2015. Make a reasonable offer and it's yours.
by special order maybe, it wasn't included in the preorder list
talking lemaire? maxi kaftan, and believe sp is only offering the kaftan. like the maxi better myself though
this is awesome. don't like these boots with this, but conceptually great
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