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this is less an issue once you start making moneylol @ marketing paying well, particularly at entry, or near entry-levelabout the same for comment sections everywhere on the internet thoughgreat for basic networking and sourcing contacts for jobs though
how to size geobaskets?
looks good, dudethis is like the 2nd or 3rd fit of yours in the recent past that was like a mirror of one I'd worn recently--wore black denim, black roshes, black hoodie with waxed cotton jacket today. needless to say, I approve!
sneakers are one area where my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach (feet). so many pairs I think are cool, that I know I'd hardly ever wear random stuff off kith: thinking about picking up some roshes today, possibly the NM if I can find them in my size (11.5, assuming they fit like the regular roshes)
if that's the one with the giant, unwieldy hood, then 2nd this^. fit about a size small (54 > 52) and arms were ridiculously slim with no stretch.
nice, where'd you kop?
look kinda like rod lavers dude
bigger. I'm a 44/54 and went with the L. XL was wearable, and might be worth a gamble, but it's gonna be pretty oversized unless you're 54+
which do you have a 56 in?
tried a recent season stooges and the 54 fit like a 52, and RO doesn't make a 56 afaik. any leathers with a slim silhouette (a la RO) that tend to work for bigger dudes?
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