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Totokaelo is like 2 years old think it might be a EU specific restriction, only seems to be vendors based in the EU who aren't selling DVN directly online
should be, mine's a 6 and I think I'm a little larger than you (prob could have gone 7 on this myself)
looking at the 'rock' coat last night and busted out the double alpaca to compare ...forgot how much I like this thing, love that drape
enough with the descriptions and impressions of new season FW stuff, let's see some pics
I like JE tees, but looking for something in a v neck...any recs for something with a similar drapey/slim cut in white v neck?
jelly, fit looks good
picked up some tom ford neroli portofino and absolutely love how it starts, like its middle but don't much enjoy how it drys down about ~90m in to a kind of blandly sweet soapy scent. anyone have recs on something that captures the top/middle notes of NP with greater staying power/longevity?
need to get my ma-1 game on
does RO do size 54 in current season leathers? largest I've seen has been 52 and I imagine it's a slim 52 or more like a 50 in reality. I generally take a 54, so thinking I may be relegated to sufu/sz/ebay to get older season stuff if that's the case
took a page out of fuji's playbook
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