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looking for a basic 3/4 length hooded spring/summer weight fishtail parka (no or lightly insulated) in black with no fur trim. of everything I've come across, this ace hotel x alpha industries jam seems closest to what I'm looking for, but want it in black. have done quite a bit of searching, but nothing quite hit the mark. any recs?
the colorway above has a bit of a blueish hue to it IRL...does the charcoal merino have a blueish hue as well or was the comparison more to the character/texture of the weave than the color strictly speaking?
a bionic arm?
what's the rationale for the ribbon on some of ann demeulemeester's men's blazers? any real purpose/function or simply 'artistic flourish'?
holler if you decide to part with those a1923 buckle high tops
freewaters...suede foot bed is comfy, and company ethos is a plus
should've specified, looking for one with no fur
recs on a black waterproof/resistant fishtail parka?
which RO? ss13 stooges I got in 54 doesn't work sadly--fits through the chest, but shoulders are way short and result in a really limited range of motion
this is less an issue once you start making moneylol @ marketing paying well, particularly at entry, or near entry-levelabout the same for comment sections everywhere on the internet thoughgreat for basic networking and sourcing contacts for jobs though
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