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keep it simple: divide the the subtotal by five and round up the tip to the nearest dollar for 'good enough' or better service. if the service is notably shitty, they get whatever. having been one in a past life, waiter-folks' lives don't hinge on a dollar or two either way--though they do talk shit about and remember you if you're cheap
dudes, let's stop this moral maneuvering about what you're owed and pseudo lawyering in the name of saving 50 bucks. they made a mistake, acknowledged it and offered a compromise. find better things to worry about RFT: stumbled into a fit this morning and surprised how much I liked the color scheme. has me thinking more about geller stuff, sepia denim most notably
Brand new with all tags, Acne Roc cash denim 36" waist / 34" inseam $160 shipped within the US
fit looks spot on, man...great find
these are different than the ones I posted in the recent purchases thread (which I believe are the same as the ones you'd posted here):these are calf with an aluminum layer, while the above are kangaroo--texture looks pretty different as well, which I can't imagine is do solely to lighting. design looks similar though
tabo store
10 sei 0 otto excited to check these out in person
it's a great piece, it's just big...I ordered it and the L and kept the L. XL was too big, bigger than other size 54 stuff of theirs I have
believe one already exists for DVN FW14/15: http://www.styleforum.net/t/376758/dries-van-noten-fw2014
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