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interested, any pics of the waxed leather sans distressing to get a sense for what they'll actually look like?
not exactly sure what the thinking was behind renting a fogger for the lookbook eithersome great pieces though...love that drape
I think it goes along a couple lines.along a continuum, I tend to opt for more color and texture and visual interest when I'm feeling more engaged and emotionally and physically potent. less of each when I'm feeling less so.eg:I tend to wear more grey and navy/blue when I'm feeling muted or depressed--happens more during the winter here in seattletend to go for more interesting pieces and fits when I'm feeling more engaged or vitaland like you, more aggressive fits when...
he's concealing his identity
absolutely...kind of remarkably pronounced at times too
wide lapels and a deep v, tee or lightweight sweater, and you're good to go, no? think a tux jacket with contrasting lapels could actually be awesome if done right for this @ t-rex and this^^...equally good in person. totally knowledgeable and accommodating
tried the first and ended up returning. fits like a structured blazer, but knit, so it stretches...hand was not as nice as the other barena stuff I've handled either
love the color palette, some beautiful pieces
brut is french for dry, or raw. the timeless bit is likely just marketing bs iirc,, the nostalgy are also raw, just a diff season or the MII version
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