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stop rubbing it inwore my stark today for the first time in ages with somets I got two years back--flashback to fw 2011
any active yooxcodes?
it was really the back that killed it for you?
thatta boyliking the vestrecently kopped the ervell quilted sweater in olivebetween recent kop and fondness for these two, seems my style is gravitating toward bullet proof vest steez
nope, I'm with you...the red is nicer than the indigo in the salmon print.would say the same about the lafayette jacket--navy/black ends up looking dingy in a way the red/navy and grey/navy don't
I imagine you as the whitest white guy ever with the way you drop these gems
still tough to beat american apparel boxer briefs...purple, dark grey and navy, plz
sounds frustrating, but like others have mentioned, had a good experience with gentry myself--called, they answered a couple Qs about the item, and then submitted payment, no issues.
Looking for a SS Bee cardigan, size 7 in the wine colorway. Appreciate a PM if you've got a lead on one.
you should post this in the toj thread
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