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on the plus side, they appear to be insulated...great for winter
y3 qasa highs are really starting to grow on me
how tight is 'slim and tight'...any pics on you in either the XL or XXL?
how to size the escobars? measured waist of 35" and 32" on a pair of sweats I like...thinking the XL would work best? 12" thigh measurement has me concerned...6-3, 210 for reference
was looking for something similar to the escobar sweat with diagonal quilting on the knees rather than the plain panel--knew I'd seen it but couldn't place it found the following doing a bit of searching--did the previous version of the escobar have this then (and take it these are gone and lost forever)?
there was def reference here to greg/kyle being open to the idea (cant remember who originally floated it), I'll let them speak definitively though. which pieces you looking to redo?also, who redid the double alpaca? dont think Ive seen that
some of the jackets this season are pretty incredible, the down jackets in particular. not sure how much wear they'd actually get though
been looking for something new for a while, but haven't liked any of the new offerings...opted to just stick with what works. on the fence about picking up the black/volt/white as well
2nd greg's comments...it's nice, beautiful drape and great material on the navy version, though not quite as warm as the double alpaca. I'd own one myself if it fit
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