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I've been looking for a basic 3/4 length lightly/non-insulated black fishtail parka with minimal extraneous detailing for the better part of a year with no luck. considering settling on the arc'teryx parsec, which would be functionally similar, but not as cool. yay/nay: black grey
can't miss either way, rock coat is great. the plain navy is a little bland--NMWA navy basketweave added a little more interest.2nd looks awesome, but I'd be a little wary of it being an artifact of notre shop's lighting. all of their schneider shit has a sort of luminescence to it--one of the pieces I actually own, doesn't actually look like it does on their site. might be worth checking out in person
huh? gordon's been about as helpful with sizing as any vendor I've dealt with. SAs are hit and miss--has run the gammit from helpful to basically unintelligible. try emailing your Q, might take a day or two, but gordon deals with it himself.
been on the fence on these...look great, but just picked up the racers in the roayl/pink cw
jelly, still looking for RO that'll fit me. looks nice
anyone else having issues with images not loading (most, but not all) when updating to FF 32.03?
geriatric pimp
on the plus side, they appear to be insulated...great for winter
y3 qasa highs are really starting to grow on me
how tight is 'slim and tight'...any pics on you in either the XL or XXL?
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