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love the color palette, some beautiful pieces
brut is french for dry, or raw. the timeless bit is likely just marketing bs iirc,, the nostalgy are also raw, just a diff season or the MII version
between this and cyc's pics, that bomber is starting to grow on me. looks great
eg looks good, less so on the other two
+1, and slanega jacket is awesome
mr p sizing recs/measurements are hit or miss at best and useless at worst...ordered a topcoat a couple weeks back listed as having a 44" chest measurement in size L, chest ended up measuring 40"
mismeasurement one way or the other is much more likely the culprit
they're nice, but a wang are nicer at that price point. and yes provided they have a place in your wardrobe (ie, you're not simply gonna wear them in place of your crew neck jams)
a 5-zip isn't going to cut it for midwest/east coast winters. def go for something insulated
everything stretches, just not 3in in the waist like apcs. take it you tried a size down and didn't work?
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