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you recently got a pair, yeah...went TTS?
how to size RO geobaskets? believe I've heard they ought to be sized down a la CP take an 11/44 in most things (nike, CPs) and have wide feet.
how to size geobaskets? take 11 in most nikes, 44 in CPs
believe it's a henley...always liked it conceptually, but couldn't imagine working it in a fit. looks good, c4est
for what it's worth, I remember seeing a member post about not liking where the pockets sat on his samurai's and ended up replacing them himself. can't imagine this would be absurdly difficult...and don't think you'd butcher it more than your one-handed, one-eyed tailor if you gave it a goback label should be pretty easy to fix--recently happened on an ervell knit of mine
lol, fuck, hysterical and awful at the same time. sounds like you've got a good attitude about it though
looks like there's still 1 left to me...
+1totally...fuggin steal at $45
it wouldn't. it's heat that causes shrink, not exposure to water.
charcoal/charcoal here as wellanyone seen any of the SS14 shorts stocked anywhere yet?
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