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fit looks spot on, man...great find
these are different than the ones I posted in the recent purchases thread (which I believe are the same as the ones you'd posted here):these are calf with an aluminum layer, while the above are kangaroo--texture looks pretty different as well, which I can't imagine is do solely to lighting. design looks similar though
tabo store
10 sei 0 otto excited to check these out in person
it's a great piece, it's just big...I ordered it and the L and kept the L. XL was too big, bigger than other size 54 stuff of theirs I have
believe one already exists for DVN FW14/15: http://www.styleforum.net/t/376758/dries-van-noten-fw2014
wtf is a 51cm ptp measurement on a XXL?
any boot with a leather sole, imo
fit is great, and really liking the color palate up top
anyone have experience w RO oiled calf in the 'darkness' color way able to comment on how it looks IRL? pics online show it anywhere from brown to dark grey, not sure what to expect
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