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NWT Stephan Schenider/NMWA Merino Coat Reissue Charcoal nailhead body (86% wool, 14% nylon; 580 gram) with dark charcoal 100% wool knit liner Size 7 (L/XL)
speaking of color, was eyeing the jun hashimoto inner rider a while back. navy and maroon both looked great, if they didn't top out at 52, would have seriously considered one of these.maroon [[SPOILER]] navyblack
hoodcoat for sureI've been considering the enfin leve fishtail myselflike the design on this and details look nice, but wish they were stocked anywhere in the US to check out fit/construction in person
how much can I expect one wash low straights to stretch? looking for a roomier fit a la washed low straights w some wear and one wash in the same size are pretty slim to start
got a pair of one-wash rrl low straights in black and the fit is much more slim and rigid than I remember (and expected)--my washed rrl low straights in the same size have worn in nicely and are now even a bit baggy. anyone with experience with the one-wash stuff -- is it reasonable to expect a fit similar to the washed low straights from the one-wash low straights after a bit of wear?
kinda liking these anyone selling them besides the slp webstore?
it's like with any brand...RG tops out at 52, and it's riskier for vendors to buy at the tails, so you'll end up seeing fewer of the absolute largest size, regardless of the actual size.better question is why he doesn't make anything larger than 52 though. giant tease seeing a host of great stuff each season and knowing I won't be able to wear any of it
love that coat and fit looks great...astonished this fits you though (thought you were a ~52 for some reason)
who does a nice black washed denim in a low straight cut? tried the JE stuff but was pretty underwhelmed. considering just getting RRLs and calling it a day
don't think boxy/blousey up top is an issue...have gotten the most mileage out of tapered sweats and fuller knits, bomber jackets so far this fw.
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