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clover and poa showed up today...quality is on point this season, though sizing is all over will post some pics later
charcoal, will post up if it ends up not fitting
merino presale kopped...if the 7 doesn't work in it (too small), as it didn't in the rock coat, I just might need to send mr. schneider a letter about sizing for bigger fellas
most koppage already happened....nmwa merino presale played out this spring. handful of additional pieces go on sale tomorrow
'rock' coat made it ! holy narrow shoulders :-/
can't tell if this is a compliment or criticism
shipped !
wait, unless you're in a rush...def more to come
what are these?
A ou B don't wear black boots for the most part, think I'll get more use out of a black high top sneaker as a stand in A B C ?
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