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I think I'm burnt out on FW stuff
about what you'd expect from someone with a koala as their spirit animalhttps://www.openingceremony.us/staffs.asp?name=Kalena%20Yiaueki
love that slanegathat jacket...lost love
I felt the same way at first glance--shoes in particular look out of place--I've looked back a couple times now and like it more each time though. good stuff, @diniro
@gdl: varies by piece, but I'm most commonly a 7 in schneider stuff (6-3, 215, 45in chest)...and yes, would like to see more SS in bigger sizes
think preorder would be the way to gonot a ton of people wearing VII from what I've seen, but enough that you'd likely get orders if you offered it as a preorder rather than simply buying am allotment
might be worthwhile asking your hr contact about what's appropriatedef not a suited culture, and mine explicitly told me there wasn't a need to wear a suit when I interviewedthat said, prob no harm dressing up if that's your thing eitherotherwise, gl
dude, reread what I wrote and yes, blaming it on the refs or sherman being an asshat is sore losering
and me
own what shit? the guy was excited and went to be a good sport in an admittedly totally clunky way...antagonizing nothing.he's talented and just starting to come into himself, give the dude some space to figure it outrft: I didn't realize the 'forty whiners' shit was actually a truism...you sf folks are some sore losers(edit: dlester excluded--his assessment was spot on)
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