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Posts by superego a regular 54, I can't realistically consider the intarsia would fit, can I?
it really is...not going to get much wear w the climate here
at 500 bucks, that's a hit if you like the details. leather quality is surprisingly decent
helmut bomber,default,pd.html someone should also find me one in xl
you pick up a pair? been considering a jodhpur boot in a tan suede like the slps, but not sure how much wear theyd get given the rest of my wardrobe is pretty much the opposite of sleek
looks great and should be easy enough to alter the sleeve lengthI find myself move toward a similar silhouette actually, pants in particular--more relaxed, higher rise top block with some taper is where it's at
how about a III + IV in charcoal?
You guessed it...have a store credit from Patrik Ervell that I'm not planning to use. $125 value, make me a reasonable offer and it's yours
I always enjoy hearing stories about people's inability to get a joke that doesn't fit into their joke lexicon
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