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the light grey is considerably more substantial than either of the other two offerings (part of the reason I went charcoal v. light grey). think it was something like 800g v. the 580 for the charcoal
black and white thinking at it's best. it's a little simplistic to say any fit with red shoes is automatically shit--I mean, most end up looking ridiculous, but it isn't necessarily a gimme. I think a number of the fits DW posted looked decent (fit with all black, red shoes, with the red backpack strap looked well put together in particular)and lol at the not so subtle condescension. da fuq, man?
checked out that blk dnm leather on saturday. leather is nice and pretty substantial. details are a little much though--decidedly rock and roll. fit was pretty slim--XL was the largest size they had and was still too slim through the chest/shoulders (I wear a 44 jacket). tangentially, blk dnm down bomber was surprisingly nice in cut and materials--not worth it at retail, IMO, but prob pick it up if it ends up on sale
I like the knit a lot, trousers look fine, but it's like you just said 'fuck it' and put on the first thing you could grab with the shoes
the 316s were just an example...obviously could just find a pair of straight denim and get them altered, which might end up happening, but wanted to see if I could find a straight up 'low straight taper' first and avoid needing to mess with them
definitely not a loose top block with tapered leg (a la most of the acne stuff). 316 ST is a traditional slim rather than straight in the top block. SL looks good through the top block, but not as aggressive a taper as I'm looking forI'm prob just not describing precisely, but think the rrl low straight with some taper is the closest reference-- something w ~35"waist, 13" thigh, 9" knee, 8" leg opening. basically 'straight' through the knee, and then tapers to the hem. ...
who does a good low straight with some taper cut? thinking something like the somet 003 or rrl low straight but with more taper below the knee beyond that, looking for something black and washed, and more 'luxe' than super slubby (along the lines of somets or DH). tried the john elliott 'cast' in their black washed model recently and was seriously underwhelmed
who does a good low straight with taper cut? thinking something like the somet 003 or rrl low straight but with some taper from the knee down
clover and poa, both size 7 poa fits slightly oversized, but think it works as a slouchier knit. clover fits well through the chest and shoulders, but thinking about getting the waist taken in a bit. contrast this to the rock coat in size 7, which even with just a T is too small through the shoulders to make work. the knit portion, same on both, is the 'storm' colorway and looks navy in pics, but actually black/dark grey in reality and pick up on a slight green hue in...
have actually been considering the same jacket given difficulty finding used RO in big sizes...leather looks decent for 700 bucks
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