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bigger. I'm a 44/54 and went with the L. XL was wearable, and might be worth a gamble, but it's gonna be pretty oversized unless you're 54+
which do you have a 56 in?
tried a recent season stooges and the 54 fit like a 52, and RO doesn't make a 56 afaik. any leathers with a slim silhouette (a la RO) that tend to work for bigger dudes?
it's less about choosing to ruin their lives than it is a sort of inevitability. all this stuff tends to happen, and not always or to all of them, precisely because there isn't a solid foundation for these types of people to build a life on--whether it's due to family issues or peers or whatever, environmental factors play a huge part in all this stuff.as bene alluded to, a poly sci major is a tough sell. if you have any proclivity and/or interest, have you considered...
NIB black/mud back-zips in kangaroo leather -- color is more or less true to pictures, with less sheen in indirect light. These are a size 43, but run about a size big -- would fit a 10.5-11/44 as is and a true 9.5-10/43 well with inserts. Leather is beautifully supple and construction is solid as you'd expect with 10 sei 0 otto. Looking for $500 + shipping on these
more pics, plz
great stuff, dudes...as a newbie to dries, really enjoying a lot of this content so far
yeah, I was surprised by how large it fit:I took an XL in old stark and old fisherman zip, this is a L in the ion cardiganyou can sorta see the shoulder seam falls just past my shoulders in this. fit works through the chest, but overall fits pretty similar to my old stark in XL
keep it simple: divide the the subtotal by five and round up the tip to the nearest dollar for 'good enough' or better service. if the service is notably shitty, they get whatever. having been one in a past life, waiter-folks' lives don't hinge on a dollar or two either way--though they do talk shit about and remember you if you're cheap
dudes, let's stop this moral maneuvering about what you're owed and pseudo lawyering in the name of saving 50 bucks. they made a mistake, acknowledged it and offered a compromise. find better things to worry about RFT: stumbled into a fit this morning and surprised how much I liked the color scheme. has me thinking more about geller stuff, sepia denim most notably
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