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serious 2nd on this...hoping fw15 is the season RG invites the size 52+ set to join in the fun
rft: wearing qasa highs while driving a manual transmission car may be hazardous
YESSSSS and may actually be able to fit into them
Im decidedly broad and their tees and tanks work well on me. what didnt work for you?
awesome top to bottom, but the cartoonish quality of the shoes kind of kills it for me.that the rick tux jacket?
http://www.ebay.com/itm/RICK-OWENS-RU6761-INTARSIA-BLACK-HIGHNECK-LAMB-LEATHER-JACKET-M-ITALY-XXL-/141571948217? not sure about the shoulder measurement on this (seems small) nor the chest, really (seems a tad big)
are shoulder measurements on rick leathers generally small relative to the chest measurement? curious about the intarsia in particular.
clover was one of the standouts for me this season. have the charcoal version merino if you're looking for color options.
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