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email to brandi there a new direct CS contact person to email?
one of the few virgil incarnations that has me seriously considering taking the plunge. I really like the sand/purple combination for some reason too. as much as I like the virgils though, they function more as a replacement for a more basic workwear boot, which just isn't a style I wear very often. would likely get a pair of FBTs first if I were to get anything
any vendors currently carrying the X8 cardigan in grey size 7?
scuze the slippers
did, I'll take some and post a little later
emile bomber showed up and actually fits, albeit slim--size 52 is a little fitted in the shoulder but good through the chest on my sz 54 frame. any word on where it may show up in the beige/camel colorway pictured in the lookbook?
torn on the the looks of the tan better than the black (brown heel looks off against the black, imo), but don't wear much in terms of tan/camel, so not sure how I'd wear them. any thoughts one way or another?
what would prevent me from simply not accepting a shipment that I'm planning to return to avoid complications of getting duties refunded? ordered something shipped from italy, got here and UPS left a note that there's a ~$100 COD in duties. there's a good probability I'll need to return it due to size anyway...any reason not to simply let it sit with UPS until they return to sender?
^^I have a pair of the suede highs...a tad wider than CPs, maybe a hair shorter, and extremely comfortable.
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