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subscribed less wearable than past collections, but no shortage of inspiration. jackets are standouts
RO collection, 2009, iirc
sized up .5 on those and my racers, 11 in everything else nike. 11 could have prob worked, but flex felt limited somehow when I tried them on
anyone seen the ss14 long shorts in the grey colorway anywhere? lookbook pic for ref:
nope, was pretty fitted initially...was leaning toward the XL, thanks
what's the word on sizing the mercer tank? if I'm an XXL in the villain at 6-3, 210, is XXL gonna be my best bet in the tank as well?
you recently got a pair, yeah...went TTS?
how to size RO geobaskets? believe I've heard they ought to be sized down a la CP take an 11/44 in most things (nike, CPs) and have wide feet.
how to size geobaskets? take 11 in most nikes, 44 in CPs
believe it's a henley...always liked it conceptually, but couldn't imagine working it in a fit. looks good, c4est
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