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what would prevent me from simply not accepting a shipment that I'm planning to return to avoid complications of getting duties refunded? ordered something shipped from italy, got here and UPS left a note that there's a ~$100 COD in duties. there's a good probability I'll need to return it due to size anyway...any reason not to simply let it sit with UPS until they return to sender?
^^I have a pair of the suede highs...a tad wider than CPs, maybe a hair shorter, and extremely comfortable.
"oh-fee-seen jen-air-ahl"
Hender Scheme AF1s are starting to grow on me, any pics of how the leather develops with time?
I imagine you're looking for a pretty specific aesthetic if you're coming across $11000 couches, but room and board and restoration hardware were good options when I finally bought some nice furniture a few years back. have been really pleased with r&b value, and rh runs sales semi regularly making it a bit more accessible
please start buying more of this awesome stuff in size 54
aaaand blocked
anyone seen the floral shorts drop anywhere yet? curious if anyone has handled/tried on the balloon pants as well. interesting for sure, but not sure how easy they'd be to wear
tempted to participate in this one, though likely fall flat on my face...ninjas don't wear ann d jacquard blazers, so might bust out the black fishtail
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