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Ordered the junya in white, ended up getting it in blue. Should I just keep the blue? fwiw, shirt is a LOT more subtle in person. I was on the fence about it but I think I'm gonna keep it regardless of color.
What size did you get in the rick ma-1 aether? If you got a 52 I might be interested if it doesn't work out. Let me know!
smh, they aren't slim fitted at all unless you get an overdyed or the special fabrics. all gbv in oxford fabric are pretty blousy.
I believe they are the 1970s inspired wash as curated by our legacy.
I believe my uniform serge wool bedford fw11 retailed for around $400, so this is like a 20% price hike. Kinda weak, but with brand awareness and EG trying to position themselves in the higher end range this was a logical next step. Keep in mind these bedfords might be lined or partially lined, whereas mine was unlined. At their current margins with the small runs they have and the domestic production, its probably hard to expand business without upping pricing. I think on...
Prices are up a fair amount for this fall winter. After talking with a SA at nepenthes my understanding is that the camo bedford will be ~$700, and the jap sites had it at like $740. That is a significant increase from the normal price of the bedford. He did say that the wool camo runs at a premium and is priced accordingly, so stuff in the serge wool will likely be less.
On the contrary. Turkey is tied with Italy as the worlds best washed denim manufacturer. Lvc often uses cone mills denim, great hardware, and state of the art wash techniques on all of their stuff. To say you can buy regular Levi's thinking they're comparable, maybe just the cut. If you don't notice the difference maybe the jeans aren't for you.
went outta business. sourcing/manufacturing issues and didn't sell that well
like cp's from what i've heard, except they run wide. get narrows if you go with the soft footbed and have semi narrow feet, otherwise regular width.
Deal w/ it
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