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Quote: Originally Posted by kinggimp got the delivery of my all white low's from yoox this weekend. they're an off white, though, almost like a very light gray. Those look like the rubberized achilles, very nice...
jcrew has some dope camo boardshorts with a shorter inseam, as well as other styles like patchwork madras, floral, etc.
Context is by far the easiest to navigate and I love their measurements, Tobi is good as well but I kinda prefer their old design.
*Will sell both pairs for $100 shipped if interested.* Simon Spurr 2 year vintage pipe leg jean in grey Size 34, fits a 33, maybe a small 34. Here is a link with information at Bloomingdales. The actual jeans aren't waxed, the description at bloomies is wrong but everything else is correct. Would totally keep but they're a little too skinny on me. Made in USA. Worn twice, drycleaned once. Retails $255, asking $50 shipped. NOW ONLY $40 SHIPPED! Bloomingdales...
Uncontrol I like that fit, its much steezier than most of the stuff you put out without being awkward or contrived.
IIRC he's saying 40% off, 60% of retail price. Barneys does 40% markdowns semi annually which is likely what he is referring to.
ss08 jut neck size 2, the aw08 one seems like it has too much going against you, I wouldn't risk it.
FWIW, I remember reading (or watching) an interview with ervell and he mentioned that it was his favorite piece from that collection. Don't quote me if I'm wrong, but I always thought his statement was weird seeing that the jacket is ugly as sin.
Might work if you had a tank underneath that blouse (2)
Its no different than a swoosh or three stripes...
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