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Those are the worst fakes ever, kinda cool that they actually used the jordan sole instead of the crepe that most of the fakes are using.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fluery Looks good Fycus. Did you tailor that Ervell shirt? I have one that I never wear because it doesn't fit well really in the body. Never tailored or washed. I'm hoping the length will shrink up in the body if I wash it. From what I've heard, the fw10 shirts are the slimmest from Ervell so far, so thats why this might fit better in the body.
Ervell (needs a wash) Levis Sperry Chukka Getat
So I just got the Ervell shirts from Gilt 10 min ago, I've never had a better fitting shirt OTR. Thankfully the "light blue" they listed on gilt was more of a grey / light blue than it was in pictures, and instead of poplin its actually a thick weave oxford. Coming from somebody whos sewing buttondowns from scratch right now, the quality on this thing is unreal, MOP buttons, single needle stitching, side gussets, everything is super well done and overall the quality is...
PS for all the people trying waders, I sized up 1 for mine because I found that they run on the small side
I just received the waders in tobacco as well. Perfect deal for $22 shipped, I will try and grab more in the future because I can see myself wearing cropped pants all spring/summer.
^ Saw the usher jawns, I think they are actually kinda cool but to each his own. I wish the lace area wasn't a slit....
Detail: (I know date is off I just rewound watch) Allsaints Polo Spurr Clarks Orient
Either Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers do the striped shirts in a heavy oxford cloth in almost all colors. You'll probably have to get them tailored but its still cheaper than most options for the money.
Lizard Lounge is pretty dope, thats all I know of.
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