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I don't understand why people think its a problem that you promote the brands you sell. It's a win-win for the retailers and the customer, not to mention the brand itself (free promotion). The fact that drinkwater takes the effort to take full pictures of the collection and respond to requests is a gift in itself. I would never hesitate to buy anything from drinkwaters if they had it.
no shipping to usa yet
roomier top block and very tapered leg. Not as flattering on me as the 47, but a nice quirky fit that is much more comfortable. I don't recommend wearing them slouchy as it gives a pretty big diaper ass look, so get the longer inseam.
same size as other cps you have had. Or more recently, same as kva. They always fit very snug at first (part of the slim silhouette) but break in after less than a week.
The bigger sleeves is the classic ervell look. Find something else if that isn't desirable to you imo.
Got my stuff in today. Sized up one on the 1954 501z, fit is perfect. Sized up two (1ish tag really) on the 1967 505 and it fits fine, maybe a tad big in the waist.
The conversation started from a discussion about the washed denim. For raws, definitely sizing up. Washed tts is usually fine - no?
Funny enough, wearing my ph zip highs today and my feet are sweating buckets. It probably doesn't help I'm wearing wool blend socks either
33 or 34. I can normally do a 32 in lvc or levis but sized up to 34 on the gumbos. I have the package waiting for me at home, and will update with how it fits later tonight.
I mean look at it, it never gets old...
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