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Most if not all eg jackets have a higher stance. I prefer it because with bedfords, for example, they look much betteer with the collar up imo.
I normally don't mind people asking for codes, but seriously guys please cut the Mr. Porter stuff out. The sale didn't happen till the very end of May (I placed my order on May 31st last year, and I ordered the very night that it opened up for public members, which is a week after the founding member one started). With the site already rolled out and opened up to a large userbase, I can't guarantee they would have the sale as early as they normally do. Expect to wait at...
Collar is fine but keep in mine the jacket would probably look stupid at anything other than fully zipped IMO. I have purchased many jackets like this, it is best to accept that it might only look good closed and to make your decision off of that.
you could probably do a 33. Just wash them instead of wearing them raw. The thighs will already be slim.
A little on the slim side, but sizing up might be too big. Could just be your build...
Great deal, however I don't like the 19cm's in black on me and I am a little worried about paying customs from them. Around 175$ shipped for some diors is a great deal though. http://www.eleonorabonucci.com/men/clothing/jeans/jeans-regular-7811394.html
I was out in SF and had planned on going and everything, even rsvp'ed, but the group I was with didn't want to break up. Pretty bummed out, next time I'm just gonna leave everybody and go. Looked like a good time
Will it be okay if I show up in sw&d attire tonight? Gonna be out in the city all today, wasn't planning on going to switch out for something too formal, just an oxford and an unlined blazer...
Damn I love EG, outside of various kops my money will probably be strictly with EG outerwear. I have 4 jackets from EG and they are all in constant rotation. I really want to try their pants out. How do the workaday fatigues fit? What size should I get if I am normally a 33ish?
New Posts  All Forums: