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Even without a proper welt I would be fine, but the leather at the toebox was literally separating from the leather underneath the toebox where they are bonded. If you press the leather it separated in certain spots the glue didn't adhere.
a 2 or 3 will work depending on how you want it to fit. they havent made any fakes yet so you're in the clear.
Wanted to get some margiela boots for more casual outfits, pretty disgusted with the quality. For those on stylebop avoid these if they pop up, they are shit condition marked as new. Somebody tried putting shoe polish on the scuff Some deep scuffs in the leather, probably not so bad after a polish but still.. Nice creased toebox....
They are great but the embroidery is a little bit much for me. Good for a early spring, early fall type scenario. Its reversible with some nice details.
several different tpu stabilizers over the years, cant vouch for the serras here because the pic is too close up but thats typically how the stabilizers looked on that particular model
Usually the heel wears down the fastest so its probably a safe bet. I don't do it and never plan to on any of my pairs, however.
Giza is long staple cotton. It wears nicely and is very durable. Kano are the dye pits used to dye fabric in Africa, traditionally indigo. All the travail coverall sketches are sulphur dyed though... As for warmth its a basic cotton layer, not really warm at all. You are paying for the fact that somebody hand drew the drawings on the jacket, literally each item is hand drawn to reference art essentially making each piece 1:1 To elaborate: Travail coverall icon...
A ton of boutique Japanese brands do this and it seems to be very effective. I imagine the western markets will make the transition eventually. Only frustrating thing is if you miss out on the pre-orders with the Japanese boutique brands they sometimes don't make any more items outside of the allotted pre-orders.
Unfortunately with western frames that's usually the case. At least because the sleeves are cropped 4 might look fine it will just be roomy
4 will probably be too big unless you want to wear it oversized (mostly in body length), 3 will likely be tight in the shoulders if you had trouble with the lhamo but the lengths will be better- keep in mind lhamo shirts are supposed to be cut a little higher than t-shirts in the body but the sleeves should be true to size.
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