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daiki has always been at eg, did a couple seasons at wwm (2006-2010) in parallel to his design at egFTFY
The design is meaningful in that each one of those buttons is used in the collection in different pieces, as well as the fabrics which are all proprietary. The name of the game here is cohesion, it is somewhat interesting to see them take fabric and use it on all sorts of garments for a particular season. That pocket print is seen on button-downs, as lining, etc. Visvim's design teams tend to make some stupid design decisions, but its all money-making in the end. They did...
Iirc that jacket is less than ~$400 in japan, maybe $500 all in including shipping and proxy.
Never pay more than $580 for a new one, that is retail price + proxy from a regular seller in Japan. Used I wouldn't pay more than ~$400.
goretex mies was FIL exclusive iirc
would love to see this sized on a waify rail thin dude to see how close it turns out to junya. somebody be the guinea pig and pull the trigger!
End clothing: Pit to Pit Back Shoulder Arm Medium 22" 29.75" 18" 22" Second Stage: M 56.0 75.0 46.0 64.0 Looks to be 18" on most sites
Those look legit to me, just an older model from margiela. Unless you've seen boots readily reproduced on ioffer or taobao I highly doubt those are fakers, rather a very old model.
where's your god now?!?!?!just kidding, ill let you know if i change my mind
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