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No way he can afford to size down, they look fine for somebody with a regular build in SLP. I'm still skinny and thats about how the SLP jeans fit on me, not much you can do...
The internal conflict is strong with you, just embrace and admit they are the boot you have been looking for
same sizing as converse. they run big. I have a 9.5 in the all white im probably gonna list as I already own the olives if you happen to be same size. letting go for cheap.
Went ham on yewks eh
Yoox additional 15% off all items with code ONTOP15, some stupid good deals to be had on rick and margiela
Its also coming out in a nylon version which i prefer.
It's the relaxed cashmere pants and there was a huge 3 inch blind hem at the bottom. It was $5 to tailor to a blind stitch (worth it) but they offered to do a regular hem for free.
This is pretty dope, wonder what size: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/modescape/item/29691/ Detail: 11aw nubuck riders- http://www.junhashimoto-exclusive.com/collection/outer/11aw/let041nbk01black.html
Relatively soft for wool as is a blend (59% WOOL 24% POLY 11% COTTON 6% SILK), highly textured with a pretty soft handfeel. They used it on several things like the barnstorm, granger, etc that season.
Cmon man dont do this to the thread
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