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4 will probably be too big unless you want to wear it oversized (mostly in body length), 3 will likely be tight in the shoulders if you had trouble with the lhamo but the lengths will be better- keep in mind lhamo shirts are supposed to be cut a little higher than t-shirts in the body but the sleeves should be true to size.
They don't do restocks unless they have old season stock theyre trying to get rid of, but I can guarantee you it won't include 12's as those are very hard to come by.
that is such a loaded question, give us your stats and we can probably help you. vis really only works for few types of bodies, without anything to go off of other than a lhamo shirt not fitting its hard to tell...
Conceptshop (Simon) is a great guy, I've been to his brick and mortar store. The reason the kerchief pieces are marked up is because they seldom get released and its supply/demand I wouldn't pay the outrageous prices he charges. I actually tried on a kerchief model in his shop a while back
Those weld shirts are heavily faked. Need a close up of thr actual visvim tag in high res then another pic of the locker loop on the rear of the shirt
in addition to burying it they seemed to hit it with some impact surface like nails or something. There are a lot of pits and holes in the ICT model I noticed. As for the thread and the sole bond, its well known that the bottom sole layer comes loose on ICT models. I owned that same model and sold it. I didn't like how they looked dirty, especially for the price I paid. Pretty cool leather treatment in person though...
Thats a super old model, highly dependent on price Any pics of sole?
Youd be a 10 if you fit 43 cp
Yup but it didnt turn out that well imo. I prefer the chunkier virgil lows
Those are the brigadiers in camel suede. They arent that high and have no speedhooks. They did virgil low in both peanut suede and tan suede (in case youre refeering to virgil on the left)
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