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Fear of God sherpa hoodie: https://fearofgod.com/products/sherpa-hoodie Visvim alces fleece blouson and pullover
$100 and $10 flat rate shipping anywhere in CONUS
I know this is nitpicky, but what are the chances of getting the ma-1 with a full length placket that goes to collar rather than ending 80% of the way up?
Only fake models thus far have a striped tag at the collar, and I think are suede only.
The fray will stop at a certain distance, it would be weird if they reinforced the hem all the way around. Like I said doing nothing is probably fine but the Japanese brand Unused did a similar jean and bar-tacked the inseam and outseam probably for extra security.
I find it funny he says strong perfume is bad on men yet his signature men's scent is extremely overpowering (that being said I love it in small doses)
Would be totally fine. One wash and dry cycle will fray the hem and it should stay the same after that. For extra security, do a tack stitch on the inseam and outseam so it cannot split.
3 but it runs wide and short (intended fit)
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