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You hit the nail on the head. Visvim will take the boots and resole them with or without receipt too... I've friends that haven't had trouble. You do end up paying 220-240 all in though.
They are yuketen's iirc, the knockabout was used as the nepenthes boot and is a little bit slimmer in the last.
Itll be as new or in tried on condition most likely
After feeling brushed herringbone coverall in person at MAC I had to pick it up. Seriously awesome fabric. Almost like a sueded cotton, super duper heavyweight. The corduroy collar and cuffs really make it stand out. One of the better pieces this season for sure. Still want to get a bedford, can't decide if I want to do moleskin or cavalry twill yet.
Bloomingdales has 40% sale for some items online now. Code HOLIDAY adds 20%. Got some wings and horn for cheap. Also some engineered garments shirting
The instructions say dry clean only, so I imagine that would be the recommended method. Anything else ymmv
Yeah its suuuuuper soft, the inside is a little prone to shedding. Think a new pair of sweatpants, but with a super soft lining. I picked up the heavy twill workshirt in red/navy, amazing! Wanted it after seeing the end styling shots but it was sold out almost everywhere. Got lucky and picked it up at MAC.
iirc it was just the shawl collar jacket not the blazer
Fair isle blazer in large for a steal: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kanful/item/mmadj8024286/
This pic, along with that classic pic of the white drip sneaks is one of those images that gives me the chills. So dope...
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