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It's the cheapest place on the internet with their code so its a no brainer. 300 shipped. Only thing that makes me mad is that I had a custom discount code which broke and didnt work, so I had to use the EUR25USD code. Ended up being $4 more or whatever, so no biggy.
Tried to, didnt work
Pining over how to wear the long Dayton. Even hems give it kind of a female dress look unless you layer over it a bunch. I have a couple ideas what to do, will post pictures if it doesn't end up a disaster...
It's gonna be too big. 54 fits like true XL
black calfskin gunmetal size 50 checking in as well. I also have the lamb model, but prefer the calf. That being said, I can only wear the calf when it cools down a lot. Seriously bulletproof.
Maybe length wise, but the mies is a pretty heavy cotton coat. The dayton is just a shirt, so it will drape differently and not insulate as well. That lends itself to be a much stronger layering piece.
Not as far as I know, unless there was a period where they switched production but didn't change the naming. The black leather laces make sense as jp release
Am I doing it rite?
Yeah they fit the same in the waist but have a larger upper block for those with larger thighs. I wish they didnt taper so much, my size 31's have like a 6.75 inch hem or something stupid.
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