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a semi coarse hearty wool linen blend :3
10sei0otto leather jacket in oiled calf
10sei0otto mid-neck leather jacket in oiled calf with overlock seams. Just picked this up for a really good price, they make fantastic leathers for the money. Highly underrated brand. http://fascinate2007.tumblr.com/post/101407955904/10sei0otto-poeme-bohemien-leather-track-jacket
looks fine to me, standard slim rick fit on a bigger dude
I love my overdyed OL shirt, wear it all the time. Attracts lint but fit is on point.
anybody have experience with serie noire?
theyll be too big.
Brigadier hi folk in waxed suedebison leather. stick it out- theyll re-release again with tpu
Looks good dude, whered you pick it up?
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