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What season?
Any users who keep doing this "I just purchased" "Here it is now in the flesh" recent purchases should be temporarily banned for stupidity. Nobody cares enough here to see your recent purchases multiple times over.
Cant comment, but try and let us know what works- itll probably come up again
I had a slim model alpha and found that it was warm at 50F and could probably go colder, but the material was shitty so the heat retention was due to it basically being a plastic bag around your body with polyester batting.
That 14ss buffalo check in beige in size 3 is SUPER rare because it was sought after. The 15aw model is easy to come by because its pattern isn't even close to as good as the original buffalo check pattern. If you asked for a new item, they wouldn't even have that 14SS model, let alone in new condition. Should at least have reasonable expectations before going to purchase, but I agree you specified you wanted the 14ss model and they gave you another season.
Those brigs are vegetable tanned cowhide and extremely susceptible to staining or discoloration. No way you can preserve color, they will darken over time. Best thing to do is wear them as long as possible. As you get dark spots and discoloration go all out and use saphir renovateur and cover them to make the discoloration uniform (any conditioner on these will darken the whole boot). How do I know this? I owned the boots- didn't like how easily the leather marked and...
They already sold out...
Might list mine for sale, hard to wear / pull off.
probably size 3
Super low rise on the skinny fit, probably returning mine for a size up- i also heard rise is a bit different on 34 inseam vs 32 but measurements are identical online. Slim fit straight selvedge in the same fabric fits nice sized down 1 but requires a taper. Pick your poison, for 50 bones either is decent.
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