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the last is a little bit larger in the story et fall boots from what ive seen, and the sole looks a little bit more substantial. The margiela zips have a tiny forefoot which usually allows people to size up. The last tends to look a little dresser on the story et fall due to the pointy toe, but that usually depends on the model being compared (margiela has several that look a different). IMHO just compare the model you are looking at vs what is being purchased and you...
Yeah I mean if you are only 135 I'd for sure go for a 2. I'm 6'1" 170 and would do a 3 with extra room in the body.
They both run about a size big, but arms are super slim so tentatively TTS. The cord is the go-to hendee model this season imo. It drapes really nicely and is pretty ridiculous in person. The herringbone is more versatile, but imo the townsend releasing this spring is way better in the same fabric.Their raws always fit larger than the other denim. I'm not sure if theyre unsanforized, but I havent heard any reports of them shrinking like crazy.
Yup. The pattern could probably use a touch up because the shoulders pucker a bit but its a small complaint and just unique to the design. I also had problems with dye transfer and smell when I first got it which went away after a day or two of airing out. Wiping it down with a moist cloth got rid of the dye transfer, probably leftover from the oiling process...
Its all rolled edges with overlock stitching, this is a better design this season. It's not that thick for calf-skin but still decent weight. Probably would need to layer in a KS winter, but for california a scarf would be fine...
They are stocked at a couple places including antonioli and h.lorenzo. I got mine from vrients- It's down to 50% off, and they have an additional 10% code for new members. Shipped from italy in 2 days.
a semi coarse hearty wool linen blend :3
10sei0otto leather jacket in oiled calf
10sei0otto mid-neck leather jacket in oiled calf with overlock seams. Just picked this up for a really good price, they make fantastic leathers for the money. Highly underrated brand. http://fascinate2007.tumblr.com/post/101407955904/10sei0otto-poeme-bohemien-leather-track-jacket
looks fine to me, standard slim rick fit on a bigger dude
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