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Real talk, brick and mortar shopping in SF sucks. Only decent store is bloomies for sales, and they aren't so hot. Barneys usually blows out any good stock before that. I would spend your money in jland. Now if you are referring to restaurants they can get pricey here which maybe worth setting money aside.
Can anybody comment on the sizing for the aran knit? Referrring to the ivory model specifically as its different than the grey. Im 6'1 168 and med looks to be what is worn but im not sure if sizing up is better...
Made in USA by mostly japanese design team. Inspired by american workwear with a japanese twist.
Anybody know how I should size most rick leathers? 6'1" 168 lbs. Thinking 50 will be fine? Don't want to deal with sleeves being too long if I size up to 52...
Looks to be big? What was wrong with the medium?
Got a moleskin bedford from the tbs sale. Sized down to match the nepenthes photoshoot with the olive moleskin bedford, nice and cropped. Had the sleeves lengthened a half inch, thankfully didnt require extra fabric or anything at sleeves, perfect fit now.
Just shearling at the collar, liner is fleece. Emixam mentioned that new deckhands fit a little cropped, that looks to be the case here with this one as well. The chino fabric supposedly isn't that nice (as opposed to the herringbone twill they used before). IMO it's gonna be pricey for a few negative trade offs. That being said the color looks great and the jacket is nice and warm. Size up required.
I fucking love #pitti #menswear kunk sprezz on my friend, sprezz on...
You'll fit a 2. I know the 2 101 was small but the kilgore fits closer to tts
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