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3 but it runs wide and short (intended fit)
Not for that kind of stupid money. Even at jp retail its borderline ludacris
Lemaire supima sweater is fantastic. Also tried the creme which is unfortunately white in person. If it was off white or creme wouldve picked up for sure. This is a chinese large, im around 186cm 76kg
Looks fine, would need close up of buttons and seam at back side shoulders for 100% confidence.
It would fit fine with regular denim loops, however the 40mm is a better universal size imo that can go with more pants.
If they are newer season, fucking amazing. Leather is out of control thick and the hardware is great. Only downside is theyre heavy (or at least my 40mm veggie leather was) which unless you have it actually securing your pants, its a little too heavy for decorative wear if that makes sense.
All the newer (14ss or newer) black elk flannel recommendations are pretty great it just boils down to which iteration you like the most. My favorite are the buffalo check from ss14 but they are harder to come by. They are yarn dyed so they have great depth and character for a basic flannel. SS15 is okay as well, some great ones coming this fall. Most black elks run a bit big and long, but as of late theyve been closer to TTS with shorter arms. I prefer the older fit, but...
True to size on all interlocking belts, but the ring belts require a size up. Keep in mind that if you go tts you won't have a ton of extra belt room on the end, but I prefer it that way.
You can get it through revive stateside. For those interested and in SF, maas and stacks is hosting a trunk show for fw16 this weekend, appointment only for now- sales@maasandstacks.com to ask for a time slot
Pretty much spot on, candles are a poor investment. The oil diffusers are okay and the room spray / cologne are decent. All of them don't last very long for what it's worth. Also, 01 is a very subtle scent to begin with.
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