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I really need to stop visiting the thread, makes me want to go full EG again...
Also ordered the black ma-1, should get here this week. No offense, not hyped at all after seeing that pic. The silhouette is off from the ma-1, which I guess if you're going for a more modern slim fit is nice but there are a few things, mainly body length being too long and arms too slim that are throwing me off.
Its from fall 2015, they are releasing it in 2.5l this coming fall but i think price is the same or similar which is unfortunate. Its a nice jacket, maybe a bit unwieldy and old man but if done right looks good. Details are unreal, and after i had in person i understand cost. Fabric is nylon twill that is hollowcore. It feels like sueded cotton, really crazy.
Some fits with pieces from the last couple seasons: Frank 3L Soutien Coat with Black Elk Flannel Mies Wool Coat Red Bandana Kerchief, 04d5 Denim, FBT Shaman Folk Mies Wool Coat, Kerchief Tunic Shirt, 09d5 Denim, Brigadier Boot Folk (Lookbook replica fit) Frank 3L Soutien Coat, 101 Non-Wash, Virgil Bison Mies Coat, Kerchief Tunic Shirt, 09d5 Denim, Brigadier Boot Folk Frank 3L Soutien Coat, Four Corners Shirt Dmg, 40mm Belt Black Veggie, Virgil Folk Kngr
Its nice, made of nice materials, and as la guy said hits all the areas synonymous with visvim quality. Lexdray is not even close, do they even use leather? sure the price is inflated with visvim but you know exactly what you are getting, a high quality bag with good design sensibilities and a streetwear edge
It's more cosmetic than anything, just wear them. What can happen is the heel tabs that are stitched on can kinda rip off fairly early if they dont wear with the rest of the sole. some shoe goo patches that up
10 for sure, your skags should probably be 10 as well considering your virgils are 10.
Fear of God sherpa hoodie: https://fearofgod.com/products/sherpa-hoodie Visvim alces fleece blouson and pullover
$100 and $10 flat rate shipping anywhere in CONUS
I know this is nitpicky, but what are the chances of getting the ma-1 with a full length placket that goes to collar rather than ending 80% of the way up?
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