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I think I get it today- pretty sure its gonna be too big (I got a sz 4) but a size 3 would be too small, such is life I guess...
looks good, albeit a little big based on length. I would keep, sizing down will make arms very tight (kinda the intended look but not comfortable).
Kapital, gonna wear it open (looks kinda dumb closed)
I own both, it's literally identical as existing not tts- they used the same last as before so not sure how it would be different unless they shifted the sizing to account for people's confusion, but again I wear either feels identical
They are identical to normal grizzly, I did my traditional size down a full size from Nike or half down from other visvim like Virgil's
what jacket is this? nvm its apc
As i said they rotate stock, its not a restock, they shift allocation from web to retail and vice versa to sell stuff. They also periodically sell old releases randomly to keep demand above supply. Tldr, you will have several other chances to get shamans in the future, scope instagram before releases they usually post lists under visvim hashtag
Webstore doesnt restock- occasionally they might rotate old stock and a couple pieces may pop up but its unlikely. Webstore updates every monday at 8pm pst
Kerchiefs sold out instantly- not sure if shinoda is confused. There weren't models on the webstore (only kofu down) and those in the exhibition and at omotesando sold out day 1.
Its actually pretty common but moreso with oversized garments. They also do 101 and 103 in 0 for unisex or really small men. 0 is about as rare as 5, just not a lot made
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