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Here is all the men's stuff with measurements from the Chinese website. Traditionally the Chinese stuff is cut different from what the US sizing is like speaking from experience- if anybody could nab US measurements that would be helpful- I emailed US support to see what they say... http://www.uniqlo.cn/view_page-681650987.htm?spm=
I wish the men's had better knits, most of them aren't textured or have anything nice going on like the womens, but women's stuff tends to run very short in the arms so itll be tough to pull off even if you size up 2-3
It varies by season but usually ~ size 10 they switch up to 5 eyelets to account for the change in boot size
United Arrows suede ma-1 for $130. A freaking bargain, but keep in mind it will fit a very slim (and short) medium http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/581215007098/
This seems like a good deal (would rather put here for enthusiasts rather than ebay thread) http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kanful/item/g006117230/
Yup, they had them on their instagram but mentioned they were sold out of a couple sizes already.
https://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/visvim/shop/new-arrivals/product/6532/virgilbootsfolkkngr and maas and stacks
That would be so much better with appropriate footwear. Throw on some doc marten lowtops or slim boots for christ sakes, what an eyesore.
my problem with oversized clothing is that you generally need to be really good looking and in good physical shape for it to work. Like anything (and why there are models to help sell the clothing), but I think its particularly hard to pull off otherwise. I've taken a huge liking to lemaire recently because the look is very striking but i know in reality it won't come off as cool (ala yohji) raf: lemaire: visvim:
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