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I know you rethought this and found the sleeves to be adequate length but I just wanted to chime in that sleeve length on leathers, after break-in which tends to shorten arm length, actually looks extremely flattering if the cuff falls around the wrist bone when arms are held at side.
The luisaviaroma ones have a much bigger blow out and the wash looks more realistic.... Same jeans though? Also the sizing on lvr says model is rocking a 27 but on farfetch it sounds more tts? Curious how waist runs...
stretch skinny pretty similar to petite standard. I don't like them because the rise is freakishly small and the calves are super skinny. If thats youre thing they may be perfect.
It comes in black orange and olive for fall. Proxy price all in will be ~850. Should be enough stock.
$650 or less imo
What season?
Any users who keep doing this "I just purchased" "Here it is now in the flesh" recent purchases should be temporarily banned for stupidity. Nobody cares enough here to see your recent purchases multiple times over.
Cant comment, but try and let us know what works- itll probably come up again
I had a slim model alpha and found that it was warm at 50F and could probably go colder, but the material was shitty so the heat retention was due to it basically being a plastic bag around your body with polyester batting.
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