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Up for sale is a pair of 2014 spring summer release Visvim Indigo Camping Trailer Virgils. Extremely rare sold out size 10, worn less than 7 times in total, still in fantastic 9/10 condition. All the ICT models are soaked for 30 days in a mud bath with small abrasions and 3d effects left in the leather and sole. The uppers are in fantastic condition with a great patina. Note: Small splitting on the front sole for one shoe, was like that when I received (likely due to the...
Something is off on the fit to me, besides the obvious sleeve lengths. Maybe need to see it on a slimmer body or something, not totally sold yet. Upon further investigation it seems that there is a little bit too much leather on the back panel, maybe add taper. Arms are also a little baggy. Price is fantastic though...This sums it up pretty nicely:
its a super old season
What about Winn Perry?
Anybody know anywhere that is still selling pima baker in navy size medium? PM me plz!
This guy goes by @isthismenswear on instagram, supposedly opening a store in victoria bc soon. Does EG justice, totally ace fits.
Hirsh this isn't live journal, it's recent purchases. Reported as spam
Diemme vans actually aren't on serena sole, they are on a proprietary sole made specifically for the collab. Supposedly they run small but I would wager on the safe side and just go with CP size. My guess is that they fit similar to the serena sole, could be wrong though...
The moleskin is much different than the ripstop, you can't go wrong either way
moleskin is cotton, cavalry twill is a tightly-woven wool twill. The moleskin has a textured but relatively soft handful, pretty thick for cotton but fades easily. The cavalry twill, if anything like uniform serge, is freaking bulletproof and wont show wear at all. Generally speaking the moleskin is a little more casual, but I'm leaning towards the cavalry twill myself due to the durability of fabric. The brown homespun is also calling my name...
New Posts  All Forums: