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This was brought up in conversation, and it would likely be a huge headache (not the mixing of the pairs, but getting enough buyers who shared the same size)
the goal is to mimic the grain mismatching that the sanders-made shoes had a couple seasons ago. i was told that trickers doesn't like to do asymmetrical MTO, so this may be dead here unless i hear back differently.
margiela or not, the jacket is a pretty ugly design. not the most offensive in here by any means- only keep if it looks flattering on i guess.
BalmainPlain leather or nothing. Pony hair is gimmicky
Lexol works fine
Good news: if we get 6 people it's retail trickers pricing. Bad news: they are not convinced on the idea of different left and right shoe. Still working on this.
Gorgeous shoes kiya super hyped you picked them up after seeing the preview pics Also huge props on the pricing, amazing quality that far surpasses accessibility of similar brands for less
I reached out and did not show the EG example specifically to treat it as a standalone idea, so hopefully it will not affect the final pricing figures.
Will post fit pic when I get a chance. Would anybody be interested in doing a MTO group buy of trickers that are made in the same makeup as the EG x Mcnairy longwing mismatched shoes that were released a couple years back? I think they will be pretty expensive, but the added benefit that they will be MTO so we can add tweaks here and there. I was thinking of doing the same exact makeup, but with dainite sole instead of the double-leather sole, but am open to opinions. Thanks!
opened up my tattersall for xmas and have a workshirt on the way. I believe whoever said to size down 1 with eg shirts this season is spot on. The M's fit like a large, a true medium would be swimming in this bd. The fit is actually perfect now that I sized down. Still don't know how I feel about the scalloped hem with the final button ending at my bellybutton and having all this blousy shirt fabric at the hem, but it does look damn good on...
New Posts  All Forums: