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keep in mind that guy is showing m in a japanese store. m in us or uk sizing is even bigger
Got the convertible collar shirt in two colors (will keep one- any feedback from people?), the soft touch long sleeve in 3 colors (will keep 1-2), pleated cashmere easy pant in navy and a collarless shirt in white that i wanted to like but sounds a bit disappointing... Gonna hold out on outerwear for now as there are more brands I can wear appropriately
what are your stats and how did you size the shirt? thanks
If you are a 43 in CP def do 10 in virgil
Hilts look better beat up but the last is slimmer and they are much better with cropped pants ala brigs. Virgils are better all around and considering you have tiptoed around getting virgils for years but settled for less than fantastic visvim boots I encourage you to see what you have been missing.
How did the shawl collar cashmere coat fit? I know for certain I want the convertible shirt and ~2 collarless shirts, but that shawl coat looks like it could rock if it fits. Also, how was the green compared to the black? Which trouser did you happen to try? Thanks man!
I always thought i had wide feet but iirc my foot doctor said pretty average. I think i have a wider forefoot which makes 43 cp snug in the toebox but with some room for my toes to wiggle. Same goes with virgils in 10- forefoot snug at first but room for toes.
Half size down from skags final answer. I wear 9.5 in skags 10 in virgils and brigs, 10 in fbt, 9.5 grizz, 9.5 73, 43 cp 10.5 vans mostly 10.5 nb mostly 43.5-44/margiela gats either work
Here is all the men's stuff with measurements from the Chinese website. Traditionally the Chinese stuff is cut different from what the US sizing is like speaking from experience- if anybody could nab US measurements that would be helpful- I emailed US support to see what they say... http://www.uniqlo.cn/view_page-681650987.htm?spm=
I wish the men's had better knits, most of them aren't textured or have anything nice going on like the womens, but women's stuff tends to run very short in the arms so itll be tough to pull off even if you size up 2-3
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