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As I had said before. Also, they have the lhamo in both sole types for fbt.lhamo fbt folklhamo fbt jp
The hap hazard of pattern matching at the rear hem on the flannels really irks me. I wish it was either fully offset or pattern matched between "layers", the fact that it differs between shirts really irks me. Also the contrast stitching that is used from the shirt (red) and continues on the leather is another overlooked move (unless this was intentionally chosen). This is something that as a luxury brand your patternmakers should be aware of!
It's a different model entirely, just a basic smooth leather- not sure why it makes them look fake. Theres also mesh at the toebox, I believe they are a s/s model.
Stop asking the same questions that are asked over and over again. Yes, sizing is about right I already said you can do tts or half down with fbt. While I have no problem with helping people out here invest some time in the thread or elsewhere, your answers are there. Lhamo and shaman are same shoe regardless of manufacturing origin however shaman has a tasseled flap rather than a wholecut flap like the lhamos. Origin is irrelevant, they will add jp to the name if made in...
the first pair is made in China the second style is the made in Japan model. the silhouette is actually much nicer on the China model and generally speaking the quality is also better. They size the same, and you are correct you would be a 9 or 9.5
Got lucky and came across a pair of mismarked fall 2014 brigadiers for 30% off.
My guess is they sourced them from a known hatmaker. The printing process is probably a little out of the ordinary, but I can guarantee the margins actually arent that great on these. Its similar to the faribault salmon people items from last fall. They cost a lot because nepenthes has to pay the production people who specialize in the fabric, or in this case the hatmaking. Take the brindle belts EG does for example. I think they ballpark the same price as the...
Contrary to popular opinion, I can almost guarantee a size down would be much better. The bedford is very trim fit by nature, just going off the lookbook and styling photos. The small would fit better across the board.
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