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MAC - Modern Appealing Clothing Industrie Denim Bastille Bloomingdales
That happens on virgils, which is why visvim stitches the toebox of the newer shoes through the sole sheet. Take them to a cobbler and they will use shoe adhesive and sand and cleanup the soles. Should be less than $20 all in and worth it.
take it to a leather care specialist and have them fix it. The zipper should correct itself over time.
It's too small, but seems wearable.
Any longsleeve popovers this season?
iirc the cotton linen only comes in the one-wash variant. the cotton linen is very robust though and is comparable to the 100% cotton model but slightly lighter. P sure Emixam own(ed) the 102 jacket in linen.
that actually looks pretty horrible to me, the zippers are much too large and stand out too much...
Up for sale is a Visvim Longrider shirt Euclid pattern. In a 90% cotton 10% linen mix. Extremely dense and crisp weave. In good 8/10 condition, no signs of wear or damage. p2p 56cm, sleeve 55cm, length 75cm
Up for sale is the pineapple BD from Engineered Garments. In great 9/10 condition. Worn twice, just a little small for me so I am passing it on. Fits a true medium. P2P: 21.5" Shoulder: 17.75" Sleeve: 25" Length: 29.5" (side gussets are shorter, typical to eg fit)
Up for sale is an FW09 Engineered Garments Birdshooter Jacket in Nyco Ripstop. Lined in a super nice wool tweed. Condition is a solid 8/10, no heavy signs of wear just typical of a jacket from 09. It has been worn about 4-5 times in total since I purchased it which is why its in such a good condition. Kept in storage for the last year or so. Note: I removed the hood from the collar to remove bulk so the roll would be better. You can see the material of the hood in the...
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