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Brand new with tags, sized Kapital 4 which fits a US large. Approx measurements: Chest: 21.7" Length: 28.7" Sleeve: ~26" (from shoulder) Shipping does not include international, please offer for quotation. Description from Haven, where shirt is currently $491 and sold out in almost all sizes: "Taking the cut and sewn term to another level; sections are cut from multiple flannel textiles and sewn together to create a one of an outstanding piece with unique shawl collar....
Have a calf 5-zip in 48 I need to unload. Will try and put on b and s tonight. Still looking for another leather, something lightweight with good hardware. Love my united arrows and sons rider, would prefer something like that in terms of quality.
I really like my OAMC sunglasses, and feel like the brand quality is very high and the cuts are nice. Unfortunately the details are usually a little weird and their infatuation with neons and altelier heschung footwear are pain points. I see the brand doing well if they can get their act together.
you guys are nuts, they run a full size big. I have 9.5 and it fits like a 10.5 in vans
which one are you referring to?
I think I get it today- pretty sure its gonna be too big (I got a sz 4) but a size 3 would be too small, such is life I guess...
looks good, albeit a little big based on length. I would keep, sizing down will make arms very tight (kinda the intended look but not comfortable).
Kapital, gonna wear it open (looks kinda dumb closed)
I own both, it's literally identical as existing not tts- they used the same last as before so not sure how it would be different unless they shifted the sizing to account for people's confusion, but again I wear either feels identical
They are identical to normal grizzly, I did my traditional size down a full size from Nike or half down from other visvim like Virgil's
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