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Yeah moleskin fits a little closer to the waist and arms are a little cropped
The coverall is probably the most simple "released every season" piece imo. That being said, I really like the m41 and the more I look at it the more enticing it is to me.
JP retail is much lower, this argument is stupid
Yes they already mentioned that. Sizing will likely be similar but different as well
Can anybody from je comment on gap collabo sizing? Same as mainline or bigger? Looking at varsity and tee mainly
http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/rpfstore/item/10512411/ mismarked shearling
daiki has always been at eg, did a couple seasons at wwm (2006-2010) in parallel to his design at egFTFY
The design is meaningful in that each one of those buttons is used in the collection in different pieces, as well as the fabrics which are all proprietary. The name of the game here is cohesion, it is somewhat interesting to see them take fabric and use it on all sorts of garments for a particular season. That pocket print is seen on button-downs, as lining, etc. Visvim's design teams tend to make some stupid design decisions, but its all money-making in the end. They did...
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