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How to size on drkshdw scuba socks? Same as ramones or half down? I went with same size for adidas ankle boot and they were a full size too big.
articulation shirt is disproportionately cheaper on ln-cc (plus you can email for removed vat). missed out on size large, but for those wafting now is the time to pull the trigger.
if 43 in eytys are huge (they fit me too tightly and im a 43 in ramones) you are a 42, maybe 41 (but probably will be too tight)
Only a couple japanese retailers got it and I've only seen size 2, i think its either 328,000 or 348,000 so US retail probably closer to 4k-4.5k
100% positive theyre both fakes. Font on tag is wrong
Theres a bug on the dopefactory site. To reverse it you need to remove the item from your cart so your cart is clear, enter and at the homepage change the local/currency. Search for the item ensuring that the webpage still suggests your locale/currency. Finally checkout and USA will be back. I found that it happens when you add something to cart and USA/USD isnt selected up front.
I get totes with all sneakers (drkshdw and mainline) and bomber jackets. May vary by vendor.
looks good to me, i saw another fit of an azn beezy in sock darts with rick and it looked ace
drkshdw is kinda cheapy sweatpant cotton jersey, mainline is super tightly woven cotton that is fairly thin, and marks easily because fabric is very crisp. It's definitely a more expensive fabric if you are buying from a mill and makes sense to be differentiated from drkshdw cotton. I have mainline pants and like the fabric, but cant imagine it aging well if after a single wear gets shiny and white marks all over it.
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