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bastille also said they only plan on getting black or dark colored pieces this season for outerwear. I'm weary their buy is going to suck, but will have to wait. They used to show me their buy, but i havent picked up from them in a while so its changed.
Already a disaster trying to get the ghurka pant in homespun
It's based on a vintage (1920's?) Brooks brothers shirt pattern. Old-school shirts were meant to be tucked but I think eg looks good untucked. Wear with a crewneck undershirt and don't think too much about it. While it may feel weird it's a flattering cut.
Nurse cosplay Retirement home member cosplay All white party
Anybody interested in a size medium gladwell? Picked it up in that crazy club monaco sale. Doubt I'll ever wear it, would rather pass it on at cost + shipping to somebody here before putting it on ebay.
While vanson has readily accessible numbers for their japan slim-fit, I can guarantee thurston was not able to ask for the measurements used for junya as to not have IP conflict.The shoulders are the same, but the body is much more tapered and the arms are skinnier. I'll just keep my mouth shut for now until we get more fit pics
It looks more like the boxy repro leathers sold at thurston, a far cry from the shrunken fit of the junya-style leather. I think we're looking at a nice compromise, and are working towards something that is slim but also reasonable. That being said, I don't think its gonna be tailored enough for me to take the plunge unless I take a medium, but I fear of bursting at the seams.
It wears almost identically, maybe a tad less horizontal ankle stabilization but the difference is negligible. The real change is the difference in sole composition and height. The brig sits lower to the ground than the virgil and is much lower profile, so the experience (after the boot is broken in) feels much more "grounded". They also feel more like a second skin, if that makes any sense. Sizing is the same.
Boots in front are the hilt boots, women's only right now. Boots in back look like brigadier high (its hard to tell with the blur). Which is just a hightop version of the brigadier. I love my brigadiers though, get more wear than my virgils. The dainite sole and chunky leather seem to age much better than the foam/rubber vibram.
Sold out spot release as part of Visvim's new flagship store opening, the king of all boots has returned. Visvim Grizzly is a moc-toed boot featuring a durable blend of natural premium cow-hide leather, hand-sewn Italian canvas, and a Vibram sole with pizi fabric heel detail. Sized 9.5 but about half size to a full size big. Brand new with box and tags. Will only sell to buyers with adequate feedback.
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