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The bomber you requested, either sized up or this guy is tiny. Now that we're on the subject of fw15, I freakin dig the hell out of this yak sweater, probably on my must pickup list.
Turn off the lights in your bathroom; face a mirror and close your eyes, whisper "Our Legacy 70's Wash" exactly 70 times. Once you are done open your eyes and they should just magically appear. If that doesn't work this is the only site that still stocks that model (they are an old season item- runner 1 model) http://pedestoffershop.dk/footwear/our-legacy/runner-1-navy-silver
kangaroo virgils, around ~850usdrecent purchase...
they fit the same as last season skags, or slightly smaller than really old season skags
Damnit! If only the navy inset bomber came in regular leather not freakin perf. I haaaateeee perf
Damn, that cord hendee is too sick. really wish they had a 3. Not really feeling the herringbone cotton model, drape is wayyy different. Looks fantastic man!
post the links next time
This is a pretty classic lamb fit imo. Notice that it cuts at the belt, to allow the wearer to bend at the torso without distorting the silhouette. The jacket is slim but not skintight, and the arms have a slight bell shape at the end Check the range of movement on that arm. I like that it is roomy, it also makes the wrist look slim which in effect is pretty flattering.
This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Having owned rick, acne, schott, and tried on leathers from several other italian brands your statement cant be further from the truth. The jacket tends to work better for T shaped builds, so if you are waify and frail its better going with a better brand. That would be the number one problem with the jacket for most ppl and the models that wear the jacket online. They size down to get the shoulders to fit, but then the...
based on the shoulders and the overall fit its a size too big, in which the arms should be a better size upon sizing down.
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