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Can you pm me a fitpic if possible? I'm mulling over the ghurka and the trumans... Thx!
Are you in sf dbear? Welcome to try mine on. I can also send you measurements of the 3 to compare to your other outerwear
Yes it is, the weave is tighter and it is heavier weight, but still drapes nicely. Also has slightly more of a sheen at first, but it wears off over time. The m41 jacket in sateen is nice as well.
just looks like a loop terry cotton marled fabric. also, just pulled the trigger on the homespun ghurka's in 34 from bureau with a slight chance they'll fit. Going off the model on Loftman, he seemed to size the same (about a half size or so higher than regular). If not, back in the hunt for a 32... Also fiending for the cpo, among other things!
damn, where do i get that hot fire
I think they mentioned getting the bedford in black moleskin, maybe the sweater shawl in black(grey?) knit as well, nothing very exciting though...
bastille also said they only plan on getting black or dark colored pieces this season for outerwear. I'm weary their buy is going to suck, but will have to wait. They used to show me their buy, but i havent picked up from them in a while so its changed.
Already a disaster trying to get the ghurka pant in homespun
It's based on a vintage (1920's?) Brooks brothers shirt pattern. Old-school shirts were meant to be tucked but I think eg looks good untucked. Wear with a crewneck undershirt and don't think too much about it. While it may feel weird it's a flattering cut.
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