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I get totes with all sneakers (drkshdw and mainline) and bomber jackets. May vary by vendor.
looks good to me, i saw another fit of an azn beezy in sock darts with rick and it looked ace
drkshdw is kinda cheapy sweatpant cotton jersey, mainline is super tightly woven cotton that is fairly thin, and marks easily because fabric is very crisp. It's definitely a more expensive fabric if you are buying from a mill and makes sense to be differentiated from drkshdw cotton. I have mainline pants and like the fabric, but cant imagine it aging well if after a single wear gets shiny and white marks all over it.
I bought the oversized mega shorts and returned them. they aren't the pic the model wears. Doshaburi has them and they are hideous if you want an idea of how they really look
They will be normal width wise but the arms and body will still be cut lower. The midrange is for size mediums, so up or down from that will fit smaller or larger. I recently got a couple rick and drkshdw items for casual mode and want to comment on the fabrics. The poly/cotton twill for the drkshdw line is VERY similar to the polyester silk blend via the mainline. In fact, I would almost say I prefer the cotton blend because its not as fussy as silk and the weight is...
congrats dude!
If anybody knows where I can get canvas Ramones for under 300-350 lmk
I ordered the last L, if it doesn't work out for me want me to message you?
Have a 16ss isogon in light blue size large new with tags, considering letting go. Asking $200 shipped
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