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Youd be a 10 if you fit 43 cp
Yup but it didnt turn out that well imo. I prefer the chunkier virgil lows
Those are the brigadiers in camel suede. They arent that high and have no speedhooks. They did virgil low in both peanut suede and tan suede (in case youre refeering to virgil on the left)
Visvim makes hand-dyed pizi fabric, wraps it around a leather shim, and fits in between two dainite soles. I agree the argument is fruitless but in terms of working time I get tired of hearing the same "its overpriced" argument. Very few other makers on the market offer the same type of boot for the money.
I agree that it is more of a function of last rather than construction, but the stitchdown method makes the footbed/toe area look really flat, particularly after wear:
They literally sand down foam shims to fit the shape of a traditional single piece vibram sole, but instead of a single piece its done in 4.
I've owned boots that were done by machine and by hand, and the handstitching is much less precise and more organic, but the machine sewn boots were much more sterile, and dare I say argue the end shape of the footwear. I would agree that functionally the shoes are the same, but the handsewn last seem does to have a level of character not present on the machine stitched footwear. Lastly, I don't know how people say quality is underwhelming for the price. The footwear...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAssOhx10Gk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2vQZPFq9kw hand-sewn goodyear welt.
My bad not too good with semantics . Visvim also does different types of construction methods for their virgils, but the takeaway here is that personally I think the stitchdown construction method makes the last look shapeless and boring especially with wear, whereas the handsewn goodyear tends to keep more of a sock-shape over the foot even with wear due to the material curling into the footbed/welt. Also the viberg boots have lasts that kinda hit on either side of the...
Cosmetically the virgils are less refined but i hate the stitchdown last on vibergs, and the overall details of the virgils are just superb. You may be less than thrilled with the QC of virgils, but over time as they wear and break-in I think you'll understand why people strongly recommend virgils over vibergs if given a choice between the two. Not to mention kangaroo leather is very light and strong, and they are about the same price as viberg right now with the exchange...
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