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Webstore doesnt restock- occasionally they might rotate old stock and a couple pieces may pop up but its unlikely. Webstore updates every monday at 8pm pst
Kerchiefs sold out instantly- not sure if shinoda is confused. There weren't models on the webstore (only kofu down) and those in the exhibition and at omotesando sold out day 1.
Its actually pretty common but moreso with oversized garments. They also do 101 and 103 in 0 for unisex or really small men. 0 is about as rare as 5, just not a lot made
http://www.endclothing.com/blog/visvim-celebrates-15-years-with-the-visvim-archives-exhibition/ http://www.isetanguide.com/20160406/visvim/
TBH I dont own the fw thorson, a little too warm for california, so i cannot comment. From the other nylon pieces I own like the iris, its the same but treatment is different. Another difference between this model and the fw edition is the batting in this is cotton poly (i think) whereas the fall model is wool lined which makes it 3x heavier. This will not be released in the US, it was an isetan limited drop with sizes 0 and 1 for the archives demonstration and 1-3...
WTB cocktail shirts or pajama shirts sz large
Got the new visvim thorson jacket today, definitely has a repro fit but I enjoy it. The dyeing process is "dorozome" or mud dye. Jacket is object dyed in vegetable source like bark then soaked in mud that acts as a mordant to bond the dye to the jacket. Normally synthetics like nylons are super hard to dye so the jacket only takes on part of the color. The dorozome process also reacts with the nylon to matte the fabric a ton, giving it a look similar to vintage jackets....
visvim Phigvel Vendorthings    
Looks fantastic but sizing looks to run huge, I would be a small (?) according to measurement chart. That and the prices seem high for luxire goods considering they are usually price leaders for MTM-type stuff. Would love to see how it stacks up to Falcon but dont have money to gamble at this point in time.
I think the caption was taken a little out of context. Ruco had worn those for years before they went on a hike. The welt is handsewn to the upper but the sole is glued on 90% of models (sans things like poundmaker which have stitching through the sole) to allow easy replacement. This isn't unheard of for this type of boot, they are fashion boots afterall. Most of the modern hiking boots use a lot of machine stitching and synthetic materials which tend to perform better as...
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