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90% sure it is fake, theyve made fake lhamo and kimono jackets in that embrodery for a while now. its weird because seller has mix of authentic visvim and fake (kerchief is a bad fake).
Got all 3 acr prestos. Awoken by a tweet from nikelab at 330 am for release. Not cool.
incorrect, lavas are by far the most hyped. may the best man win mofo!!!
Upon closer look they are for sure fake, they never did norewegian welt virgil, never did brick sole virgil, lining leather is crap, and tongue tag stamp is off.
Pretty sure those are fakes, unless they are one-off samples, but even then they look off
What size do you wear in vans, cp, new balance etc?
What time are their drops usually?
You must be confused, all welts are split as they are a single piece of leather, it will never be continuous...The warp on the derby is likely just deformed from pressure in storage or slightly different thread tension on stitching or properties of the leather. Neither are worth fussing over. 20FINAL for 20% off all orders, Margiela Sidezips with Norwegian welt only 265 shipped, GATS for cheap and other solid deals
everything he has is fake except the studded belt and maybe 1-2 other things. all the clothing is fake, even the wtaps shit he has
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