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Thanks @CSCoHammers7, I see two types of navy bedfords? One is ripstop, the other is...?
I have a navy angler shirt size large that I should probably sell...Similar cut and detail to penn.
If you guys are getting hit with customs for EG (ordering from the EU) You can get the charges knocked off if you contact the shipping dept. The goods are all made in USA and those goods are exempt. I can't vouch for the exact process because its never happened to me, but they shouldn't be able to charge customs. Even End should cover the charges, it would be the ethical thing to do considering they complain about marking down value because its "illegal"
Had it listed for $200, I think I did best offer of $180 + shipping to the buyer. That is the same sample I owned originally. It came with really nasty leather buttons that I replaced with the traditional grey horn as seen on most eg herringbone bedfords. They are releasing a version of that bedford this fall that is a little bit more refined with tone on tone leather/suede details, but I think it will retail at ~$650. Also, as for EG slip-ons they run true-to-size or...
isetan stage indigo camping trailer exclusive, sold out on release day in all sizes except womens iirc
visvim wtaps
All size 3, I made mysef emaciated to be able to fit a 3 (5)
vis x3 detail EG x2  
In all honesty he probably doesn't know they are fake. There are some good copies out there and that particular model is one of them. I don't blame him for not knowing, I wouldn't have either when I first heard of vis.
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